Irvine Welsh: Blade Artist Launch. Glasgow, 3/4/17

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Well this is the 2nd time in a month that my sister has attended a book event with me! Don’t tell anyone but I think she is getting pretty hooked on them!

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Last night’s event was the launch of Irvine Welsh’s #BladeArtist in Waterstones, Sauchiehall Street. The shop has just undergone a massive refurbishment and it is looking AMAZING! I can’t wait to see the event space upstairs when it is complete!  The event was held downstairs to accommodate numbers (it was a sell out gig!) and the audience were on tenterhooks waiting for the arrival of the man himself!



Irvine Welsh, at last arrived on stage and announced that this was “the sexiest audience” he had ever seen, even more so than the Bordeaux audience the night before! G’aun yersel Glasgow! He quickly launched into a reading from #BladeArtist and you could have heard a pin drop throughout the reading! He closed to rapturous applause! This book is so bumped up my TBR pile!


There was a short Q&A from Waterstones event staff before opening out to the floor and throughout the session a number of topics were explored – you kind of get the feeling that you could just sit down in the pub with Irvine and talk for hours!


  • His advice to aspiring writers – do it – be a selfish bastard and write the books you want to read – he’s obviously of the “panster” school of thought – he told the audience – you let your subconscious do the grafting and then shape the finished product at the end. He likes to write without following the rules.
  • Despite living in America, he would hate to see an “Americanised” Begbie – Begbie just doesn’t work in the US – there the violence is about the guns – glassing in the face just wouldn’t go down there at all!
  • He feels he couldn’t write Trainspotting as it was now – at the time of writing there was a youth and music culture that sustained the writing and  this just doesn’t exist anymore.
  • Irvine describes social media as a fantastic tool for writers to get a handle of the sadness, loneliness and despair that exists now; he admitted to following people on twitter and seeks out the loners living in basements masturbating to Nazi porn – so if Irvine Welsh is following you…
  • If he hadn’t been a writer he would have been frustrated, depressed and a crap lecturer in economics during the day and bad stand up comedian at night!
  • The joy of a book is in the reading of it, he follows the art of writing as opposed to the writers.
  • Literary success to Irvine Welsh is about having the time to write and not having to worry about bills and having to take another job to sustain you.
  • When asked if Begbie was a psychopath he answered he’s  certainly a very troubled young man! Sees him as a sociopath rather than a psychopath; his violence is almost an extreme sport to him!

It was then onto the signing and kudos to Waterstones staff for organising the signing in such a way that it wasn’t a rabble and the wait didn’t actually seem that long!

Yes – I admit – I had a complete #fangirl moment when I met him! OMG – I met Irvine Welsh – but what a brilliant and charismatic man he is! He never even batted an eyelid when I asked him if he’d pose with Alan Jones #Bloq bookmark and explained that Alan is a self published author who would have been there this evening if he hadn’t been on call! So a massive thank you for that Irvine and for a brilliant night!

Huge thank you to all the Waterstones team who organised the event and ensured that it ran like clockwork (my sister may have now forgiven you for the lack of wine I promised her! I took her to the pub after to make up for it!) Roll on the opening of the event space upstairs!




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