#BlogTour: The Night is Watching: Lucy Cameron

I first met Lucy Cameron almost two years ago at Bloody Scotland and she was telling me all about the book she was having published so you can imagine my delight and pleasure to be a part of the blog tour for her debut novel, The Night is Watching,  and to be closing this #badboy down! Thank you to Noelle from #ThickAsThievesPublicity  and Lucy for inviting me to take part in the #BlogTour and for the ARC of #NightIsWatching

And just look at this #Cover – doesn’t it just ooze terror…


What the blurb says:

Couples are being slaughtered in their homes; women drained of blood, men violently beaten. There are no clues to track the killer, no explanation as to why an increasing amount of blood is being removed from the crime scenes. Detective Sergeant Rhys Morgan is seconded to the ‘Couples Killer’ investigation. Tormented by vivid nightmares, he hasn’t slept soundly for weeks becoming convinced a creature from these nightmares poses a threat to him and his family. His behaviour becomes increasingly erratic causing his bosses to wonder if he’s the right man for the job. As clues to the killer’s identity are uncovered, the line between what is real and what cannot be starts to blur and Rhys discovers the answer to catching the killer and exorcising his own demons, may be as irrational as he fears


My review:

#NightIsWatching opens with a bang…well not so much of a bang – more a #killerhook that drags you in and pulls no punches and it doesn’t stop all the way through! Blood features heavily in this book and it isn’t for the faint-hearted!  DS Rhys Morgan has been drafted in from Missing Persons to the “Couples Killing Investigation” and it is clear from the start that he is struggling – he is a man tormented indeed! A complex but gripping plotline kept me hooked from the start as it soon became clear that there was more at play simply than just a sadistic serial killer! #NightIsWatching gives you a double-edged plot – there is the serial killer plot but winding its way through there is a darker and more sub-human plotline at work – which one will triumph?! Twists and turns throughout kept me engrossed and my head spinning to the point I didn’t know what was real and what was not and it is clear that there is another book to look out for in this series!

God, I could feel the terror that Rhys Morgan was experiencing – at times I felt absolutely paralysed with the fear and I’m not going to lie, I was a little bit scared turning out the lights at night in case his demons came to visit me! With Rhys, Lucy has created a character where the reader cannot fail to be drawn inside of his head – although you may not want to stay there too long! Throughout the book, we can see his descent into a living hell and how he came to be there! It is going to be interesting to see how he develops as the series continues. Oh and the play between him and his antagonist (not going to give any clues here as I don’t want to give anything away!) – I could see this being played out in a horror film for sure!

Anna, Rhys’ wife irritated me, if I am completely honest, at times I wanted to shake her she seemed like such a sap. Her anger at Rhys was feeble, as was her support for him as it was clear that he was losing his grip on reality. Their relationship was obviously shaky from the outset and I don’t think that she would have stayed as long as she did.

DS Quinn, Rhys’ colleague – oh god I hated him – what an arrogant, nasty little man he was and I could just visualise him stabbing everyone in the back during his career; he belittled – I so wished that Rhys’ demons would go get him!

#NightIsWatching fits into the horror /supernatural genre with some crime fiction thrown in and the serial killer element of the novel throws up the subject of abuse in childhood and the devastating imprint this can leave on the victim. However, the main essence of this novel is the supernatural and the reader is taken on a very dark and disturbing journey throughout!

When I first started reading #NightIsWatching, I thought it was going to be a straightforward serial killer/crime fiction novel (how messed up is my head when I think these are straightforward) but it soon became clear that this was something much darker and more of the horror genre. Once I got my head around this, I was able to embrace the journey that I was taken on and it left me feeling bloody terrified I can tell you! Lucy’s debut novel is a dark and disturbing horror that messed with my head big time and perfect for fans of horror fiction!

About Lucy:

l cameron


Born in London and having lived in South Wales, Liverpool, York and Nottingham, Lucy currently lives in a shed in her Dad’s garden in Scotland where she wears thermals for warmth and writes by candlelight.

Lucy studied Fine Art at university which allowed her to get a glittering career in… food retail. Working sixty hours a week in retail management hampered Lucy’s writing until a career-break took her to Scotland and the rest, as they say in history… Or should that be (crime) fiction?

Lucy’s debut novel ‘Night Is Watching’ is due to be published by Caffeine Nights Publishing on 6th April 2017. To find out more visit www.lucycameronwriter.co.uk



To buy the book head on over to Amazon and get yourself a clicking!

The Night is Watching: Lucy Cameron



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