A Letter

I don’t usually do personal stuff on my blog but this one is for my daughter and the sentiment is there for my son too. My kids are my everything and they make my world a little brighter every single day.

Dear Daughter,

This, my darling, is a letter from my heart and is an apology on behalf of the world who didn’t see when you were suffering and didn’t accept that you were in pain.

For the wasted years in school and a system that didn’t understand you and chose not to offer the support you needed – I apologise

For the teachers who misunderstood you and labelled you without looking beneath the surface – I apologise.

For the “friends” who were fake and caused you hurt and pain – I apologise.

For the family who didn’t always know how to understand – I apologise.

For the workplaces that didn’t take the time to know you and your worth – I apologise.

For those who damaged and manipulated you – I apologise.

For a system that takes so long to give justice – I apologise

These, I know, are not my apologies to give, I have understood, supported and loved you from the very beginning and will do until eternity. However, I feel a pain deep in my heart for the wrongs you have been done. I want you to know that the love that you are surrounded by will be with your for always.  I want you to know that we always have your back and will never let you down.

I give thanks for the love and support from family, friends and workplaces that take the time to understand and accept and take strength in knowing that these people are greater in numbers than those who don’t, even though at times it doesn’t feel that way.

I have the utmost admiration, respect and love for you. You are the strongest young woman I know, you have an insight that is wise beyond your years, an empathy that others would do well to learn, a set of values and attitudes that will see you through your life and the path that you take. I know that you can take your experiences and turn them into something positive and use them to help others see and believe that there is a light at the end of every tunnel no matter how long that tunnel may seem at times.

Do not let the past define you, let it give you the strength and courage to face each day with a desire to make a difference, to make your mark on the world and to gain strength when it seems like the world has conspired against you.

Do not let others manipulate your kindness and take you for granted; do not let them drain your positivity and dampen your strength.

Be aware of those who promise loyalty and love but take all from you and give nothing back.

Do spend time with those who bring out the best in you and not with those who bleed your emotions dry.

Do let those who love you give you the support you need when you need it; let them provide the encouragement to go on when you think you can go no further; let them believe in you and your potential; let them help you reach for the stars and beyond. Do not let the bad destroy the goodness that you are.

Do remember each and every day that you are incredible, you make this world a little bit more wonderful every day, you have so much potential and so much to give, don’t give up.

Never forget how far you have come, everything you have got through, the times you kept going when you felt like giving up, the mornings you got out of bed when you didn’t think you could, all the times you wanted to give up yet you lived another day. NEVER forget how much strength you have learned and developed.

And never forget just how much I love you.

Mum xxxxxxxxxxx

19 thoughts on “A Letter

  1. Omg Sharon I absolutely sobbed reading this and had to leave the room and sit outside in the garden for a bit. You’re a fantastic mum and your daughter is so lucky to have you. Both your kids are. As a mum who has gone through similar I wish I had had these lovely words at the time when I really needed them. Xx

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    1. Aw Joanne! Sending you big hugs now! I’m lucky to have my kids and they have driven me to a fair share of gray hair over the years but I love the very bones of them. And I want folk to be able to start talking about mental health – it is ok to not be ok xx

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  2. I’m sat here with tears streaming down my face, beautiful words and they sound like they could have been written for my son. It’s heartbreaking to see the ones you love suffer and despite our love and support it’s never seems enough to help them through the dark days 😥

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  3. A powerful post, Sharon. Your daughter sounds very brave and it must be a comfort to her to know she has you fighting in her corner!

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  4. Having a husband living with mental health I am right with you. The only way to change things is if we speak out. There’s an inner strength from our loved ones suffering with mental health to be admired as came out in your letter to your daughter

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