Book Blogging: top ten tips!

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New to the world of #BookBlogging and wondering what you should do with that brand new shiny #BookBlog you have just set up? Here are some of my top ten tips to help you on your way (these are today’s top tips as every day is a school day in the world of #BookBlogging and there is always something new to learn!

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My top tip would be to get out there and engage with the #BookBlogging community; get yourself on Facebook and Twitter and start following, liking, sharing and retweeting until your fingers bleed (OK, not really until your fingers bleed but at least make the effort to engage with your peers!) Social media is the way to get your blog out there and the way to get yourself noticed!

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Don’t hijack other people’s posts or tweets to ask for books – that is frownedΒ upon! You need to build a reputation and trust and you can do this by reviewing the books you have bought and read – tag the authors/publishers in the review and they get to know you and your style and then offers for ARCs will come to you.


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There are some brilliant Facebook groups especially for #BookBloggers where there is a whole community out there just waiting to offer support and help. These are the places where I find the most support as a blogger – there is no question that is a daft question and a whole wealth of knowledge and support provided. (feel free to ask me more if you want to know where to find them)

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If you have taken up blogging to get free books then JUST DON’T – it’s not nice and it’s not clever – you will soon be caught out and it’s just not what blogging is about!

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Don’t bite off more than you can chew! It may be tempting to agree to all the ARCs and review requests to start with but you will soon find yourself swamped and under pressure – reading is meant to be fun and you still need to keep on top of your own #TBR pile!

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Have a review policy on your blog setting out clearly what your preferred genre is, how you like to be contacted; if you take requests for reviews or take part in blog tours; what genre you don’t read etc. Have a look at other book blogs to get an idea of review policies.

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Set up a book blog email to keep your blog emails separate from everything else – you wouldn’t want to miss that once in a lifetime opportunity, would you!

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If you want to get paid for book reviews then JUST DON’T – it is wrong and frowned upon in the book blogging world #BookBloggersReviewForTheLoveOfBooksNotMoney

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If possible attend book events, festivals, launches or author signings, readings locally and blog about them! There are loads around the country, from your local libraries and bookshops to the bigger festivals across the UK

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Last but not least HAVE FUN – it is a whole new world to be discovered and I have made some friends for life doing it!

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18 thoughts on “Book Blogging: top ten tips!

  1. I was thinking about waiting to create an email for my blog, but reading this I guess it might be good to do it as soon as possible, haha.
    Thank you for the tips! I definitely have to browse Facebook to join some Bookblogging groups. πŸ™‚

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