Ten Problems only Bookworms will understand!

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If you are not a book lover then you just won’t get these. Anyway, if you are not a book lover what on earth are you doing here on my blog? Feel free to let me convert you, seriously you will never look back!

So what are the problems that all us bookworms just understand perfectly?

  1. When the movie version of the book gets it all so very wrong! Damn it they get the characters wrong (we all have our own idea in our head of what our favourite character looks like, we don’t need Hollywood to screw it up thank you!)


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2. When someone asks you to choose your one favourite book! I mean seriously would you ask me to pick out my favourite child!

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3. Not wanting to finish a book because you love the world it is set in. When an author creates a sense of place so perfectly that you feel just so at home, it is devastating when you turn that last page!

The kinds of books you read slowly because they deserve to be read slowly, and you never want it to end.

4. When you decide to start a book just before bedtime! Oh yes, we all know that “just one more chapter” old chestnut! Before you know it you’reย alarm clock has gone off and you haven’t even slept yet!

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5. You can never have enough books! Why don’t others understand that your packed shelves, toppling TBR piles and treasured Kindles are things of beauty and not dust collectors!ย 

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6. Falling in love with a fictional character, Whaddayaย mean they aren’t real! Are you crazy!

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7. You would turn down a social event to read your book (well unless it was a book signing with your favourite author!)

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8. When your social media feed is full of author and book related profiles and very few family or friend members!

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9. A book hangover, we all know this one! That one book that sticks in your head and makes it impossible to start a new book, you just got to ride this one out and keep on trying dude! You can do it!

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10. When someone gives your favourite book a bad review and you have this urge to beat them so bad that you need to sit on your hands!

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Yep bet you have all been there! Any more problems that only us bookworms will understand? Feel free to comment below!


14 thoughts on “Ten Problems only Bookworms will understand!

  1. example for no. 1: its sad – I’ve watched the harry potter films so many times I’ve forgotten if they are accurate to the books or not!

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