Blood City: Douglas Skelton


Blood City (Davie McCall) by [Skelton, Douglas]


What the blurb says:

Glasgow’s mean streets just got meaner. Can Davie McCall survive?Meet Davie McCall. Beaten, bloody… brutal.Irrevocably damaged by the barbaric regime of an abusive father, and haunted by memories of his mother’s murder, there is a darkness inside him.Enter Joe the Tailor. A sophisticated crime lord with morals, he might be the only man in the city Davie can trust. But then the bodies begin to mount…In 1980s Glasgow, the criminal underworld is about to splinter. Battle lines are drawn, and the gap between friend and enemy blurs as criminals and police alike are caught in a net of lies, murder and revenge that will change the city forever.Scotland’s foremost true-crime author. THE SCOTSMANThe city’s dark underbelly complete with knives, razors, guns and gangs… DAILY MAILYou follow the plot like an eager dog, nose turning this way and that, not catching every single clue but quivering as you lunge towards a blood-splattered denouement. DAILY EXPRESSThe Glasgow of this period is a great, gritty setting for a crime story, and Skelton’s nonfiction work stands him in good stead… he’s taken well to fiction… the unexpected twists keep coming. THE HERALD

My review:

Blood City is a fantastic novel based around gang warfare in 1970/80s, Glasgow. This book brought the streets of Glasgow and their inhabitants alive and I could almost feel myself walking along Duke St and down the High Street towards the Tolbooth and Saltmarket and through the East End – living in Glasgow and having spent much of my time in these areas in my younger years this book was completely realistic – you can feel the menace as you read and the adrenaline was pumping as the story unfolded.
While the story is told through the eyes of Davie McCall there are a wealth of characters introduced some more likeable than others despite their gangland background; police brutality Nd corruption is rife and it would seem the good guys are non-existent in Blood City. But Davie McCall is a strong character with his own set of values and moral code – and I am looking forward to seeing where it develops from here.
Blood City fed my visual imagination, satisfied my love of realism within the crime genre and I just couldn’t put it down!

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3 thoughts on “Blood City: Douglas Skelton

    1. I’ve no idea why this wasn’t on my blog before, I read it ages ago and was doing a post for someone and couldnt find it! Had to go hunting on Amazon and re-blog it! It is an AWESOME series! one of my all time faves!

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