Murderabilia by Craig Robertson

28188208This one has been sitting on my #TBR pile for far too long so after a wee visit to #ButeNoir last week I was determined to reacquaint myself with Tony Winter and DI Narey and let’s just say I was not disappointed! And that cover, seriously how could anyone resist this book!

So what does the blurb say?

The first commuter train of the morning slowly rumbles away from platform seven of Queen St station. And then, as the train emerges from a tunnel, the screaming starts. Hanging from the bridge ahead of them is a body. Placed neatly on the ground below him are the victim’s clothes. Why?

Detective Inspector Narey is assigned the case and then just as quickly taken off it again. Winter, now a journalist, must pursue the case for her. The line of questioning centres around the victim’s clothes – why leave them in full view? And what did the killer not leave, and where might it appear again?

Everyone has a hobby. Some people collect death. To find this evil, Narey must go on to the dark web, and into immense danger …

My review:

DI Rachel Narey finds herself housebound and off the case as a shockingly public murder hits the streets of Glasgow; her partner, Tony Winter, ex-police photographer and now journalist finds himself tasked with uncovering the truth and in the process they discover a whole new layer lurking underneath the cover of the web.

Murderabilia opens with a killer hook and takes the reader on one of the sickest and twisted journeys they will ever experience. The book explores the #DarkWeb, a network of hidden and untraceable online activity and hidden websites which attract those with secrets and practices that don’t want to be found! In the #DarkWeb anything is for sale and everything has a price and it isn’t always in hard cash! Narey and Winters discover a whole new marketplace and introduce the reader to the trade in #Murderabilia – a term identifying collectables related to murders, murderers or other violent crimes.

I cannot imagine the research that Craig Robertson carried out for this novel and the horrors that this must have uncovered. It was a fascinating and gruesome read that was made all the more compelling given the subject matter is based on real practices that are going on all around us all every day! Let’s just say, my internet search history is looking pretty dodgy after reading this!

I have loved every one of the Tony Winters series, but I have to say that this one tops them all! From the horrific theme of the book to the emotional upheaval that Rachel and Tony face throughout, I was hooked from page one right through to the very last page.

Murderabilia had it all for me, killer hook, dark and fascinating exploration of gruesome yet compelling themes, superb character development throughout the series and of course it is set in Glasgow giving it a real sense of place for me. Would I recommend you read this book – well that will be a massive hell yes!

Murderabilia is available to purchase on Amazon:




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