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Last night I was Allan Watson’s sidekick for the launch of his new Crime Fiction novel,  Heart Swarm in Waterstones Byres Rd in Glasgow. Heart Swarm was published yesterday by Caffeine Nights. It was a bitterly cold Scottish night, Scotland were playing at home but Allan still managed to pull a great crowd for the event. I think the news about his raffle had spread far and wide! It was also lovely to see fellow authors, Graham Smith and Madeleine Black come along to the event to support Allan.


Now if you know Allan, then you will know he is certainly not Mr Conventional! He has a wicked and very dark sense of humour and this was evident in the choice of raffle prizes that were given away throughout the night, from a signed Barbara Cartland novel and knitting pattern to two coconuts and a Barbie Doll dressed as Snow White, with pins in its face it was clear that this was NOT going to be any ordinary launch!

As well as talking about Heart Swarm, Allan also regaled the audience with stories of, what is a most colourful career, from his brief “almost” stint with the Bay City Rollers to almost landing BBC Scotland in court with charges of blasphemy from the Wee Free Church, Allan certainly doesn’t shy away from the weird and the wonderful!

Allan told the audience about his need for gin, fags and coloured lights to get his creative juices flowing when writing a new novel, his approach to research and the reason behind his main protagonist, Will Harlan, living in The Cathedral House Hotel in Glasgow. (Cathedral House Hotel had also provided a brilliant prize of an overnight stay for the raffle which meant at least one prize winner went home feeling slightly less bemused than some of the others!)

It was over far too soon and I for one could have sat and listened to his tales of the unexpected for hours! The book was a sell out at the event and for those who didn’t manage to get a copy you can pick it up over on Amazon


Huge thanks must go to Allan’s wife, Angela and their daughters, Rosie and Joanna for all the hard work they put into helping Allan organise the night, they did an excellent job from wine to little Heart Swarm Hearts to Love Hearts and Parma Violet sweeties for everyone, they done him proud!

You can read my review of Heart Swarm here

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