My #Bookish #BucketList

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Just over a year ago I created my #Bookish #BucketList and I’m happy to say that I’ve ticked some of them off the list! (I’ve had my pic taken with Lin Anderson and Val McDermid; I’ve had nights out with some of my favourite Scottish (and non-Scottish) authors and I’ve met my #Twinnie aka Noelle over at #Crimebookjunkie. 

You can see last year’s list here

I still have a few to tick off my list! However, us bookworms always want more more more don’t we, so I thought it was time to create another #Bookish #BucketList!


Book Bucket List

#1 Will always be to own my own bookshop; this is my ultimate dream. It would be a place where creativity was welcomed; book events happened, creative writing classes took place and people could just come and chill out. It’s actually more than a bookshop though, it’s a community space that I want where the power of words and the written language are used to demonstrate everyone’s ability to be a part of their community and to be an active citizen; to celebrate the stories that people have in their lives and to share those stories to make changes to the world. I can but dream!

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#2 Can someone PLEASE let me work in a bookshop for just one day! Free of charge, just to let me experience it from the other side. I’d love to do this and write a blog post about a bloggers perspective from the other side of the counter!

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#3 I’ve upped the number of book events that I attend and on this year’s list is for me to pluck up the courage to approach more authors and get those all desired #selfies! I must stop losing my nerve!

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#4 Attend Crimefest in Bristol; this is one of my next #mustdo festivals; Each year I see all the fantastic posts about this event and I yearn to attend!

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#5 Persuade my local library to host a #CriminallyBookish event! I’d love to see a small #NoirAtTheBar locally and a weekend event offering writing classes, author panels, signings etc. I know I could make this happen if they would only think outside the box a little!

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#6 A black and white photo page of all my favourite places in Glasgow/Scottish Crime Fiction. This one has been mulling about in my head for a while and I just need to write them all down and get out there and get the pictures taken!

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#7 Go to a writing retreat. I don’t know if I have a book/story in me, I don’t know if it’s something I could even do but I’d relish the chance to step outside of my comfort zone and give myself space and chance to try it out.

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#8 Go for a coffee in The Elephant House in Edinburgh, where J.K Rowling penned Harry Potter.

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#9 Visit the Writers Museum in Edinburgh

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#10 Create a library in my house with a reading nook attached


So that’s this year’s list, I’d love to hear what’s on your list! And if anyone can help out or wants to join in with any of the above then give me a shout!


11 thoughts on “My #Bookish #BucketList

  1. If anyone can persuade your local library it’ll be you, there’s nobody around with more book love I think :-). Maybe I’ll do a post like this later on too.. I’d love to actually meet an author and another blogger, that’s definitely on my list. It’s hard though with my anxiety to go somewhere alone but you never know, I can keep on dreaming of attending Harrogate :-).

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  2. Love this post, Sharon! In terms of working in a bookshop, there’s one in Wigtown that acts as a BnB and you take over the bookshop while you are there. Or something like that. (I think Google would be your friend her.) In terms of organising a Noir at the Bar – speak to Jay Stringer. He’ll help get you sorted. Speak to Kelly Lacey about the writing retreat she was at recently. It was over on the East coast I think. There, that’s a few sorted. Make it so!

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  3. Great bucket list, I would love to hear about them as you achieve them. (positive thinking here). I would love to go to a bookish event too. I worked in a charity shop before where people donated a lot of books, but a bookshop / coffee shop would be even better.


  4. Love this post. Like you, i’ve upped my bookish events, but always back out of asking my fave authors for a photo – think it’s because i’m always on my own at them. I’m at one in a couple of weeks so i might try and see i can crack the nerve and ask someone to take a quickie!

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