Who says bookworms are boring! #TBConFB #GlasgowMeetUp @SpeakeasyGlas @guidedogs


I’d like to dispel the myth that bookworms are dull and boring! It was the 2nd Glasgow meet up of The Book Club is arranged and despite a number of call-offs due to weather and illness we still managed to have a ball as readers, authors and bloggers came together on a cold Saturday afternoon to talk about the one thing we all love…Books!


We met in Speakeasy, John St, Glasgow. What a fabulous find of a venue, we couldn’t have asked for better! Close to Queen Street and Central stations, reasonably priced drinks and delicious food and probably the friendliest bar staff out, I’d recommend you give this place a wee visit next time you are in town! You can find them on Facebook. And check out these toilet doors, they could have made it just for us!


In case anyone was feeling shy I kicked the day off with book bingo..have you ever played human bingo? It’s a great way to break the ice and get folk taking to each other.

We then had a humongous raffle – huge thanks to all the authors who donated prizes, they were much appreciated!

In amongst all the chat and banter, Gordon Smith told us about an absolutely amazing service offered by Guide Dogs – #CustomEyes – a service which makes reading accessible to young people up to the age of 25 – they take books and can turn them into any font size and background colour required. Such a worthy and needed service, check out their webpage here.Β And if anyone is doing Fundraising and looking for a book related cause then do it for #CustomEyes and publishers, take a look at the service and see if you can help these guys out.

It really was great to see so many people come together and have a laugh, a chat and a wee drink, Alison Baillie also made an appearance of sorts…

Thank you, everyone, for coming along, to those who couldn’t make it, we missed you and for those who are thinking about it then we would love to see you in 2019!!


PS. It wouldn’t be a night out in Glasgow if you didn’t round it off with a big bag of chippy chips!


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