#TimeForCrime: getting to the darkest heart of writers and bloggers! With Mary over at #LiveAndDeadly @bethsy

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Welcome to #TimeForCrime a new series here at Chapterinmylife.

I am inviting bloggers and authors talk about their favourite subject crime, with a set of quick-fire Q&As taking you to the dark heart of the person behind the book or the blog!

This week I am delighted to welcome Mary from LiveAndDeadly


Let’s delve into the depths of Mary’s mind…

Why crime fiction?

I have always read crime fiction, since I was a youngster. I love crime fiction because it gives the writer the option to explore all aspects of society. To expose evil and uncover dark deeds. To reveal the dark side of the human psyche and bring the bad people to justice. But also because I love to be thrilled and chilled; to fear for characters caught up in wicked deeds and rejoice when the perpetrators are caught and punished.


Favourite book you have reviewed

That’s a really hard one because there are so many terrific writers out there, writing in a range of styles and some of it is in the best traditions of literary fiction. So I can’t pick just one, really I can’t. Three of my favourites though have been Sarah Hilary’s Come and Find Me; Thomas Enger’s Killed and Denise Mina’s The Long Drop.

You are stranded on a desert island, you can take one book, what will it be?

Jo Nesbo’s Macbeth, because I haven’t read it yet and it’s top of my must get list.

Do you have a kill list and who is on it?
And no I’m not going to tell you but it’s a short and well deserved list
Top criminal (real or fiction)
I’ve always been somewhat transfixed by Chelsea Cain’s Gretchen Lowell, a beautiful but deadly serial killer, though my favourite is probably Alexandra Sokoloff’s Huntress character. She is so driven with righteous anger.

Top fictional detective
Probably Carol Jordan and Tony Hill, though I have a huge soft spot for Ragnar Jonasson’s Ari Thor

Planner or pantser/organised or beautifully chaotic

I’m trying to be a planner, I really am. I have a huge planning book which I try to use, but the reality is that I’m always flying by the seat of my pants trying to squeeze in another book!

Favourite method of murder The grizzlier the better – Helen Fields and M.J. Arlidge both do a great line in grizzly, though I have drawn the line at some of Chris Carter’s more terrifying killers.
Best place to dispose a body
In a bath, in lime then grind the bones down (thanks Steve Cavanagh)
Where can we find you? (Oh your blog details, dafty, any personal haunts send them to me privately!)
My blog is Live and Deadly at https://kindedelight.wordpress.com and you’ll also find me at Granite Noir at the end of this month and many other good crime festivals.

Well thank you Mary, it has been a pleasure! I might buy you a few gins at the next festival and quiz you about that #KillList though!

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