#TimeForCrime: getting to the darkest heart of writers and bloggers!With Kate from #TheQuietKnitterer @TheQuietKnitter

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Welcome to #TimeForCrime a new series here at Chapterinmylife.

I am inviting bloggers and authors talk about their favourite subject crime, with a set of quick-fire Q&As taking you to the dark heart of the person behind the book or the blog!

This week I am delighted to welcome Kate from TheQuietKnitterer

Name: Kate Noble

About you: I’m a thirty something  mum of one and spend most of my time either lost between the pages of a book or knitting (sometimes both at the same time!).  I ramble about books over at The Quiet Knitter blog and I’m really proud that I’ve managed to keep this going for almost three years.


So let’s delve into the depths of Kate’s mind…

Why crime fiction?

Something about it just calls to me, I love the intensity and intrigue of it all.  It’s fascinating and I guess, the glimpse into a world that’s so far removed from my day-to-day life means I can live vicariously through others.

Favourite book you have reviewed

Good to see you’ve gone with easy questions……*rolls eyes* that’s really difficult… Hmmm right, well I think I may well have to skirt the rules here and go with a series (yes I am completely flouting the rules), but I would say the Logan McRae series written by Stuart MacBride.

You are stranded on a desert island, you can take one book, what will it be

Ach, why does it have to be a desert island?  I don’t like sand…..

I think I might have to go with Crime and Punishment is a novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky – there should be enough reading there to keep me going until I’m rescued.

Do you have a kill list and who is on it?

Of course *nods sagely* Can’t tell you who’s on it, that would be incriminating…

Top criminal (real or fiction)

I have to admit to finding the study of real crime morbidly fascinating and love finding out about Jack the Ripper, there’s something so intriguing about him and his crimes.

Top fictional detective

‘Tis a tie break between Logan McRae and Bernie Gunther.

Planner or pantser/organised or beautifully chaotic

Chaos all the way and hope for the best!

Favourite method of murder

Why does this feel like you’re compiling a list to pass on to the relevant authorities?! haha There’s something about a well planned and clean kill, I do like the ones that are puzzling and leave you scratching your head in wonderment.

Best place to dispose a body

Not giving you my best spots, find your own  hahahaha

Where can we find you? (Oh your blog details, dafty, any personal haunts send them to me privately!)

Blog: https://thequietknitterer.wordpress.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheQuietKnitter

Kate, thank you so much for joining me today! Damn that you are not sharing your best body dump sites! Don’t you realise that this exercise is a piece of very serious research for me!

You really should check out Kate’s blog folks, it is a belter!


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