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“Ever wondered what it takes to become a writer? All you really need is an interest in the written word and some time to devote to it. Based around practical writing exercises and group discussion, this session will help you to start your own writing journey and show you how to keep going. All you need to bring is a notepad, pen or pencil and your desire to give it a go.”

Led by David Pettigrew BA MPhil from The University of Strathclyde.
So my 3rd event at Aye Write was something a little more interactive, something that didn’t entail me just sitting there and soaking up the words and works of some fabulous authors. This was something that meant I was going to have to get those old brain cells turning and give myself the chance to let my imagination run riot for a couple of hours! I finally managed to book a place on “Give it a go: Creative Writing”
Held in the heart of Aye Write, the Mitchell Library, I’m not going to lie, I was feeling a little nervous before I went in. My plan was to sit at the back of the class and just take copious notes, remaining quiet and unseen (yeah I know, that’s what I’m always like I hear you say!)
Well at the end of 3 hours, the pages above were not blank any more! Inspiring, thought-provoking and invoking a sense of belief that this was something I might actually be able to have a go at, this was probably the most productive Saturday afternoon I’ve had in a long time!
A mixture of information from the highly knowledgeable, David Pettigrew, and writing exercises allowed us to consider the process of writing from getting the pen to paper in the first place to our styles of writing. Writing prompts provided along with encouragement allowed us to let our imaginations run wild on a cold Saturday afternoon in Glasgow!
Top tips from the session:
  • exercise your writing muscles – write for 10-15 minutes a day
  • Ignore your internal self critic and write!
  • Put your emotions down on that page
  • Write with clarity and simplicity
  • Show, don’t tell
  • Get that first draft finished!

I think it is fair to say that most participants left enthused and raring to go, I know I left feeling a wee bit more confident than I did when I first went in! Hell, I may even pluck up even more courage and sign up for one of the courses that David runs in the Centre for Lifelong Learning at Strathclyde University!

Thank you to Aye Write for giving me the chance to give it a go!

If you want to check out the other workshops or events then click on the link below to see what’s on at Aye Write 2018

Aye Write: What’s On



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