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Owen Mullen, Claire MacLeary & Angus McAllister, Glasgow Criminal Beginnings

Three crime writers who started out life in Glasgow, but haven’t always chosen to set their work in the city come together to discuss the influence Glasgow has had on their books. Owen Mullen’s debut novel Games People Play was long-listed for the McIlvanney Prize and his latest And So It Began was a Sunday Times Crime Club Star Pick. Claire MacLeary’s Burnout is the sequel to her debut, Cross Purpose which was also long-listed for the McIlvanney Prize. Angus McAllister’s Close Quarters satirises the traditional and sentimental view of Glasgow’s tenement life and has been a huge success.


It’s no lie that I have been looking forward to this panel! With two of my favourite authors, Claire MacLeary and Owen Mullen alongside a new name for me, Angus McAllister, this was one of the highlights of my week! Chaired by Russel McLean this was an in-depth panel exploring the writing processes of each of the authors.


Claire kicked off the evening with her reading, which Russel later warned the audience should have come with a PG warning, from her latest novel, “Burnout” If you have never heard Claire give a reading then you really are missing a unique experience! Don’t be fooled by the humour in Claire’s novels; the humour is there to balance the darkness as one thing Claire does not write is cosy crime! Maggie and Big Wilma are two very ordinary women but in the world of crime fiction are quite unique.  You really need to read this book! My review of Burnout is also out today and you can read it here


Angus McAllister has written a number of novels, both academic and in the science fiction genre. He describes his latest novel, “Close Quarters” as a comedy with a touch of crime! Based in a Glasgow tenement it looks to be a novel filled with the famous Glasgow banter between the residents of the tenement with a little bit of murder thrown in as one of the residents is not particularly liked by his neighbours. With a whole host of suspects with motive this one looks to be a great read! Angus decided to base his book in a tenement as he has spent most of his life living in flats, due to an allergy to gardening! Humour plays a huge part in his work!


Owen, who describes himself as a gregarious recluse, is a Glaswegian now living in Crete. He has written 3 novels featuring PI Charlie Cameron based in Glasgow and his latest novel, “And So it Began” sees him move to New Orleans with PI Vincent Delaney. Why New Orleans this time round? Owen explained he had visited NO and found it had its own unique vibe, murder, music and food and was just ripe for the kind of crime fiction he wanted to write. “And So It Began” was actually one of the first books Owen had written. It languished in a drawer for many years before his wife, Christine, brought it out and persuaded Owen to start working on it again. Christine is a huge influence on Owen’s work and they are very much collaborators in the writing process with Christine acting as his ongoing beta reader and editor before it goes off for the professional editing process.

All three authors were fascinating to listen to, their session ran out of time and it was clear proof that Aye Write has a unique mix on offer with sex, violence and landlord complaints all rolled into one compelling hour!

Aye Write finishes up on Sunday, check out what else is on by clicking the link below:

Aye Write Programme

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