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A balmy night in Glasgow saw a packed audience turn out to see Mason Cross grilled by Douglas Skelton for the launch of Mason’s 5th novel in the Carter Blake series, “Presumed Dead”


A gentle introduction from Douglas who asked the audience if they had all turned up for a different event before urging them to buy “Presumed Dead” which he described as “his best yet”. We were reliably informed by Douglas that among his many habits, Mason likes to read in the bath and is fond of bending a few spines (book spines that is!) which brought a gasp of shock from the audience! (I’m going to admit I’m in the bending spines group, nothing wrong with a well-loved and worn novel!)


Talking about “Presumed Dead” Mason described this as being easier to plot than some of the others as it all takes place in roughly the same time zone and location. Set in the US state of Georgia, the location was inspired by Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods” and features Carter Blake on the hunt for the last victim of “The Devil Mountain Killer”


Douglas did point out that Mason’s accent gives away the fact that he is in fact NOT American and asked about the research and the language differences when writing. Mason described Google as his best friend, not only for maps and images but also for accuracy in terms of travelling distances, culture and local customs when writing. He also admitted to just “making some shit up” namely the “Geo Location Device!” When he gets to the copy editing stage he does find himself telling his kids to stay on the sidewalk and to turn the faucet off!

Mason is currently working on a new book, which will be a standalone and based in te UK. When asked what was next for Carter Blake he was quite upfront and said at this point he didn’t know! But as there are a few unresolved questions at the end of “Presumed Dead” it is clear that there is more to come from Carter Blake!


Of course it was not all highbrow fancy talk! Eggy Bread V French Toast sparked some debate amongst the audience – you may want to head over to Twitter to ask Mason his views on this challenging topic!

A great night all round for the launch of what looks to be a brilliant read!

Presumed Dead is available to purchase from:


Amazon UK

Amazon US

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