#TimeForCrime: getting to the darkest heart of writers and bloggers! With Andy Barrett @AndrewBarrettUK

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Welcome to #TimeForCrime a new series here at Chapterinmylife.

I am inviting bloggers and authors talk about their favourite subject crime, with a set of quick-fire Q&As taking you to the dark heart of the person behind the book or the blog!

This week I am delighted to welcome author Andy Barrett.

Name: Andrew Barrett

About you: I’m a 51 year-old fart who should know better by now. But inside my head I’m still a reckless 20-something. I’ve been writing crime fiction since 1996, and that was the same year I became a CSI in Yorkshire. I love both strands of my life, but given the chance I’d write full-time.


Let’s delve into the darkness that is Andy’s mind!

Why crime fiction?

Doing the job I do, I’d be daft to write anything else; it gives me a great foundation to work with as I write. But not only that, I find it a very satisfying genre to live inside – it has everything I crave. Plus I hate romance!

Favourite book you have written

Nasty question, Sharon! I like them all for different reasons, but if you pressed me, I think I’d go for The End of Lies because it’s turbocharged!

You are stranded on a desert island, you can take one book, what will it be

A note-book. Okay, okay… probably The Stand – unabridged.

Do you have a kill list and who is on it?

Yes, I do. Mainly everyone I meet 😉  Only kidding. I don’t have a kill list, but I do have a machine gun turret on the top of my car. So watch out, Audi drivers! And taxi drivers. And bus drivers. And…

Top criminal (real or fiction) is Neil McCauley. He’s a gangster played by De Niro in the film Heat. It’s my all-time favourite heist movie (I know it’s not a book, but that wasn’t part of the question). McCauley is a pro thief, a little bit like Hades in my SOCO Roger Conniston books, I really admire him for his detailed way of working and his no-BS attitude.

Top fictional detective could have been the cop who plays opposite McCauley – Lt Hanna (Pacino), but I think John Rain beats him. Mr Rain is a character created by Barry Eisler. And though he’s not your regular detective – he’s a bit of an assassin as well, I adore his attention to detail and his methods for working out what is likely to happen, or what has likely happened.

Planner or pantser/organised or beautifully chaotic

90% pantster with 10% “Heeeeelp!” I love being carried away by a plot or a by a character who refuses to do what I tell him.

Favourite method of murder. For a real hands-on approach I don’t think you can beat a good old stabbing. You get to watch the look in their eyes as the blade goes in.

Best place to dispose a body? Somewhere the cops have already looked.

Where can we find you? (Oh your blog details, dafty, any personal haunts send them to me privately!)

Website: http://www.andrewbarrett.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AndrewBarrett.author/

Facebook Readers Team: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BarrettART/

Amazon Author Page: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Andrew-Barrett/e/B0055888Q0/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1518822077&sr=8-2-ent

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndrewBarrettUK

Thanks for joining me Andy! Bit worried about your excitement at looking your victim in their eyes as you stab them though!

Folks take a look at Andy’s books, they really are brilliant! My review of End of Lies can be found here

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