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A packed audience filled Waterstones, Edinburgh for the launch of Doug Johnstone’s latest novel, Fault Lines. (This branch of Waterstones has one of the best views ever and is well worth a visit if you are ever in the capital!) This is Doug’s 9th novel and the first to be published by the powerhouse of publishers, Orenda Books.

Fellow author and Fun Loving Crime Writers, band member, Chris Brookmyre was the man responsible for grilling Doug tonight and what a night it was.
Chris pointed out that if you didn’t know Doug, his back story reads like a bit of a spoof! Indie musician, journalist, former writer in residence in a funeral parlour and he has a PhD in Nuclear Physics! He certainly has quite a diverse background it has to be said!

Doug gave a brief overview of the premise of the book, pointing out that all writers visit http://www.ideasforauthors.com for inspiration! Really Doug?! Truthfully though, Fault Lines has been in Doug’s mind for a number of years following a visit to an exhibition about Surtsey, a volcanic island off the coast of Iceland  in the Culture House in  Reykjavik and it had been the basis of a short story he had been commissioned to write a few years ago for the Edinburgh book festival.  He also treated the audience to his Icelandic accent when explaining the origins of Surtsey’s name! I think he might be getting some practice in for Iceland Noir later this year!

He did admit that his agent initially thought he was joking when he first floated the idea of the book by him and when he submitted it asked if he had gone “all Margaret Atwood on him”! Doug is definitely not a mainstream kinda writer, he firmly believes that we shouldn’t underestimate the readers willingness to go along with the weird and wonderful as long as it is well written. And I can assure you that Doug’s books are extremely well written!

He also talked a little more about his obsession with death and his stint as a writer in residence in a funeral parlour. At this time he was writing Fault Lines and the subject of death and how we deal with it was very much influenced by his time there.

So what is next in the pipeline for Doug? He has recently submitted a second book to Orenda and is currently working on what might be his first ever series! Watch this space! He also may or may not be playing with The Fun Loving Crime Writers at a number of festivals over the coming months! You will just need to watch out for programme announcements!

Doug ended the evening with a couple of songs proving that he is indeed a man of many talents! If you get a chance to go see Doug at an event or indeed at a gig then don’t miss it! And if you haven’t read his books then what the hell are you waiting for!

(Check out my live FB video of Doug singing here)

You can read my review of Fault Lines here

Fault Lines is available to purchase from:

Amazon UK

Amazon US



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