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A scorching Wed night in the outskirts of Glasgow saw a fair wee crowd turn out for Claire Duffy’s launch of her latest thriller, Dark of Night. Taking place in Flat White Coffee Co.  and supported by IndieAuthorsWorld Claire was talking about Ted Bundy and why she chose the Campsies to dump her dead bodies!

I have a keen interest in Claire’s novels as they are set in and around my sleepy wee hamlet of East Dunbartonshire, where nothing bad ever happens! Well, that is unless you read Claire’s books!


Kim of Indie Authors World put Claire through her paces tonight before opening up to the audience for questions. First of all they checked out that everyone had turned up to see Claire as at last week’s event some unsuspecting customer got caught up in a murder mystery game when she had only popped in for a quick drink!


Claire has written since she was a young child, a vivid imagination fostered by her family who led her to believe that fairies inhabited the walk along the River Kelvin from Torrance to Bishopbriggs! At school she would be penning stories rather than solving fractional equations and I can’t say that I blame her!

With a background in screenwriting, following a varied career in theatre, Claire soon realised that she had a story to tell and one that she didn’t want to hand over to a producer to change and so the Dark of Night Episodes were born! The inspiration behind the books comes from an acquaintance who told Claire of her sister’s lucky escape from what she thought was her perfect date! Let’s just say this story involves a bout of food poisoning and Ted Bundy!


Her characters are an amalgamation of lots of people she knows and each of them contain a little bit of her own personality although she did assure us she was not a serial killer! Claire sits on the fence between “planner” or “pantser” with a plan to start her off but incidents and characters leading her down some very unexpected paths!

The Campsie Hills are a perfect site for dumping bodies and Claire was inspired by many childhood trips there, and it turns out that her Granda was a bit of a storyteller himself, leading Claire to believe that the wall in the car park was part of the Antonine Wall and this was written into her book. When she appeared at a local book club they soon put her right about this! Claire also shares one of my childhood ambitions which was to roll down the Campsie Hills, maybe catch you there in the summer Claire!


A short reading from Episode One of Dark of Night and then it was time to sign some books! And I was well chuffed with my quotes on the back cover and in the inside pages!

A fab and fun event in a great wee coffee shop, I’d highly recommend a visit there and to catch Claire at any events she is taking part in!



The series is available to purchase at:

Amazon UK

You can find Claire over at

Facebook: facebook.com/csduffywriter

Twitter: @csduffywriter

Instagram: instagram.com/csduffywriter 


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