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Continuing with a Denzil Meyrick binge today’s review is for “Dark Suits and Sad Songs” and this series just gets better and better!

Before I share my thoughts, here’s what the official blurb says:

The third instalment in the bestselling DCI Daley series, packed with accurate police procedure and gritty, dark humour. The best of Scottish crime.

When a senior Edinburgh civil servant spectacularly takes his own life in Kinloch harbour, DCI Jim Daley comes face to face with the murky world of politics. To add to his woes, two local drug dealers lie dead, ritually assassinated. It’s clear that dark forces are at work in the town. With his boss under investigation, his marriage hanging on by a thread, and his sidekick DS Scott wrestling with his own demons, Daley’s world is in meltdown.  When strange lights appear in the sky over Kinloch, it becomes clear that the townsfolk are not the only people at risk. The fate of nations is at stake. Jim Daley must face his worst fears as tragedy strikes. This is not just about a successful investigation, it’s about survival.

My thoughts:

Opening with a spectacular suicide the third book in the DCI Daley series kicks off with a bang! Daley wakes up with a hangover from hell and it is clear that his marriage to Liz is well and truly on the rocks. But is Liz quite ready to give up on her marriage and is Daley sure that he is making the right decision? Added to his personal troubles, life in Kinloch is definitely not for staying quiet, abduction, death, assassins, strange lights in the sky and politics all conspire to ensure that this policeman’s lot is not a happy lot that’s for sure!

Denzil Meyrick’s twisted imagination never fails to shock me, his methods of death are ingenious as well as eyewatering at times! No simple shootings or beatings for the local drug dealers of Kinloch rather we have methods favoured by the Mafia and Columbia’s drug cartels! Is it wrong to say that I am thoroughly enjoying this!

DS Brian Scott returns to Kinloch on light duties following his shooting in the last novel. He is clearly suffering from trauma after the incident and his dependence on alcohol has a major impact on his confidence and indeed his fitness to work. The author provided a brilliantly realistic picture of a man suffering from PTSD but determined not to let his colleagues down. Despite his trauma, Brian’s dark gallows humour is not to be beaten and some of his one-liners are brilliant, that real Scottish dry sense of humour is a staple part of this series and the author does it perfectly!

Set in the period where the Scottish Police force had transformed to a single national force it highlighted the very real sense of unease amongst the force about the changes to the system and what it meant for policing in Scotland. New faces and directives were introduced and not everyone was happy to see these changes enforced. With Daley’s boss, Superintendent John Donald under investigation there was a real sense of uneasiness weaving its way through the pages and that fantastic feeling of being a reader who is left feeling unsure of just who they can trust! The addition of politics and corruption was a brilliant twist to the plot bringing in a whole new level of plotting and intrigue to keep you guessing.

My heart was racing reading this book, the pace and tension was breakneck speed. Not only in terms of plot but also in relation to characters and their relationships. Enough twists and turns all the way through with a few surprises that I didn’t see coming at all. I feel completely emotionally involved in this series now, the characters have found a special place in my heart. Fantastic atmosphere created by the sense of place instilled by the author and I quite easily found myself in the bar of the County Hotel and in the streets of Kinloch as I read. I defy you not to read this series and want to go visit Campbeltown and to fully expect to see the characters walking down the street or to sit at the bar with Brian and Jim at the end of a hard shift.

Dark Suits and Sad Songs was dynamite, thrilling, fast-paced and a definite winner for me!

It is available to purchase from:

Amazon UK

Amazon US


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