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Nothing brightens up the start of autumn come winter when it is still actually summer(!) than a night at Waterstones in Sauchiehall Street and nothing is quite like a night in Waterstones with Gordon Brown, Douglas Skelton, Mark Leggatt and Neil Broadfoot as they desperately search for a plot with a little help from the audience!


If you haven’t been to one of these shows before then you really don’t know what you are missing! A little bit different from the normal book launch, with no readings or talking about their current groups the guys take direction from the audience as they write a short story in an hour live! What happens is they ask the audience for a protagonist and a murder weapon and then the audience picks one of the authors to kick off the live writing while the rest of the panel answer audience; each author is given around 5 minutes to produce about 200 words and the result is…..well the result is something very different indeed! For tonight’s event, they were given Val McDermid and a welly boot! If you want to read their finished product then head over to their facebook page and message them for a copy!


The concept was inspired by the Scottish Book Trust “live novel” on Twitter and the guys wondered if this was something that would work as an event….and work it did! They are currently on a tour of Scotland! Check out their Facebook page for details of their tour!


They explained that the beauty of this is that it actually demonstrates the raw process of writing, that whole notion of getting something down on paper; that idea of letting the thoughts flow and fixing it later…as Mark Leggatt says, you can’t edit a blank page! Mind you after hearing the finished story and each of their contributions, I am even more worried about what goes on in their heads than I was after reading their books!


In order to assist with the writing process, they use a secret weapon…The Tea Cosy of Inspiration fondly known as the TCOI. I’m not going to divulge the story behind it, you will just need to get yourself along and find out!


The audience was on fire tonight and the questions were coming thick and fast; they talked about why they write crime as opposed to other genres; their own professional backgrounds and the whole idea of writers as self-taught creatures! As well as being extremely funny this is actually a fascinating event to go along to if you have ever thought of writing yourself; lots of ideas and tips around the writing, plotting and planning process as well as how you can use criticism as your friend! A great event to get your brain cells ticking over and ask some well-established writers everything you wanted to know about writing and were too afraid to ask!


Once again Caron and the team at Waterstones put on a fantastic event and roll on the next one!

All books are available to purchase:

Gordon Brown Waterstones

Mark Leggatt Waterstones

Douglas Skelton Waterstones

Neil Broadfoot Waterstones

You can also catch them at Bloody Scotland this year either at their events or hanging around in a bar somewhere in Stirling!




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