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Tonight I was quite excited to be attending the launch of Douglas Skelton’s latest novel, The Janus Run at Waterstones, Argyle St, Glasgow. Actually, I was very excited as he had promised wine and a crisp so I turned up early to get my share of said savoury! I also knew it was going to be a good event as Neil Broadfoot was in the chair to give Douglas pelters…oops I mean to support Douglas to launch his book!

Douglas and Neil have been described as the Hinge and Bracket of crime fiction (blame Michael J Malone for that one!) and they were both on fire tonight with plenty of toilet humour and little digs at each other! But shock horror they were also pretty nice to each other tonight too! I was so shocked I didn’t even manage to note down the quotes! However, Neil did say ON NUMEROUS occasions how good a read The Janus Run is and Douglas did describe Neil’s books as “snuff movies on paper” as well as describing Neil as John Inman on HRT! Yes, folks, this IS them being nice to each other!


The Janus Run is Douglas’s seventh fiction novel and the first that he has set outside of Scotland. It’s a thriller set in New York with a MAHOOSIVE body count! It was on the suggestion of fellow crime writer, Craig Robertson, that Douglas decided to move stateside for this novel and he is sure that Craig had no ulterior motives with this suggestion!


Douglas spoke about plotting and described plotting as a nightmare! It wasn’t until halfway through the writing of the book that he came up with the storyline. This is his preferred way to work, the idea of meticulous planning bores him!  The rewrites are his favourite part of writing, it’s where he fixes, puts it together and makes it work and he told the audience that once you have the spine of the book you then add the flesh to the bones as you edit and rewrite.


He wanted to write an action movie in the form of a book and this is fuelled by his love of TV and movie thrillers, which made it particularly easy for him to write his characters. Despite the fast pace of the novel, Douglas does manage to balance this out with quieter spots to give the reader time to breathe!

New York was as much as a character as Lang and he agonised over the setting to bring it to life! Thank goodness for google maps! Although I am sure that a wee trip to NYC for research purposes wouldn’t go amiss! The novel was left so that there could be a follow-up!

Plenty of laughs to be had about Carry on Sleuthing and how this impacts on the reputation of the crime writers…to which Neil pointed out that hanging around with Douglas meant that he had no reputation left at all! Douglas did tell the audience that Carry on Sleuthing and Four Blokes in Search of a Plot etc. were a good means of showing readers that while crime writers did write about dark subjects they weren’t necessarily dark people and performances like this showed another side of them…or in Neil’s case, his “side” is the back-end of the horse!

P.S Douglas, we never got the crisp!!!! Did you snaffle it!!!

Another great book launch for a fantastic book! The Janus Run is an excellent read and you can check out my review here.

To buy the book pop over to:


Amazon UK

Amazon US

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