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Book Week Scotland is a week-long celebration of books and reading that takes place every November. This year Book Week Scotland runs from Monday 19 to Sunday 25 November. I am delighted as always to be supporting this initiative with the support of some of my favourite Scottish Crime Writers!

Find out more about Book Week Scotland here 

The theme for this year’s Book Week is #Rebel and I thought to myself, now surely a bunch of crime writers have some rebellious tales to tell me! So I asked them to confess all! So are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin!

I have author and campaigner, Madeleine Black, join me for this slot and her powerful tale of Rebellion.

Madeleine is the author of “Unbroken” the true story of her rape, her recovery, and journey to forgiveness. This is one of the most outstanding and inspirational memoirs I have read. Before I share the links for Madeline’s books, here’s her rebel story:

I wish I wasn’t a rebel

I first shared my story publicly of being gang-raped on 22nd September 2014 ending thirty-five years of my silence and since then I’ve had so many people get in touch with me sharing their stories too.

They often end their messages with a similar theme of “You’re so brave” “I’m too ashamed to speak out” “I’d like to comment on your posts but none of my family know”

This breaks my heart but also made me realise that by being a silence breaker I’m considered a rebel, and I wish I wasn’t.

I wish it was considered normal for people to speak out and share their stories and that as a society we were able to hear, listen and believe them with no judgment or victim blaming. Far too often we shy away from the uncomfortable things in life helping to keep them hidden and voiceless.

I would love to live in a society where we recognise that life is made up of everything; the good stuff and the not so nice stuff and be able to express them both freely

But sadly, that’s not the case.  Too many people are silenced and shut down for so many reasons.

It was my shame and guilt that silenced me.  I thought that if people knew what had happened to me that they would change their opinion of me and wouldn’t want to know me anymore.

I now see that I was living with inappropriate shame and guilt that never belonged to me; it always belonged to my rapists and my negative thoughts and feelings were deepened and reinforced by the rape blaming culture that we live in resulting in my silence.

I looked up rebel in the urban dictionary and this is what it said: A person who stands up for their own personal opinions despite what anyone else says. It’s all about being an individual and refusing to follow a crowd that forces you to think the same way they do even if it means becoming an outcast to society.

True rebels know who they are and do not compromise their individuality or personal opinion for anyone.  They’re straightforward and honest and they will sure as hell tell it like it is.

It was another woman speaking out that helped me to find my voice and I intend to pay it forward.  What I have seen over and over again is that our collective bravery and rebelliousness is contagious and there is an army of us growing who are speaking up now and saying it how it is, regardless of what others think.

There is something for me about speaking my truth that has liberated me. And every time I share my story I feel less and less connected to the person I used to be, no more shame, fear or guilt.

What I’ve learned is that I’m not my body or the things that were done to it; I’m so much more. And I know that whatever they did to me, they can never touch the real essence of me and who I am.

I want to encourage all survivors to become a rebel in their own life. Find your voice and share your story with someone you trust to break down your own silence and guilt and start to reclaim your life.

Wow, thank you so much, Madeleine, you really are an inspiration. You can buy Madeleine’s book, “Unbroken” below:

Amazon UK

Amazon US


You can read my review of this outstanding book here.

You can find Madeleine on:

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/MadeleineBlackUnbroken/

Twitter: @madblack65 

Website: https://madeleineblack.co.uk/







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