#ChristmasGifts for the #Writer in your life

Well, it is almost that time of year again, isn’t it! Santa is about to pop down all our chimneys or burst through our doors laden with gifts galore!

So, what do you buy for the writer in your life? I’ve had a wee hunt around and picked up some of my favourite ideas to help you out! (NB: none of these are affiliate links and I receive no payment for them. This is simply a fun guide to Christmas for writers)

First up, if they are a budding crime writer then why not splash out on a Crime Writing Weekend? Led by some of the best in the business, Crime and Publishment takes place at the beginning of March in The Old Mill Hotel, Gretna each year. What a line up they have in store for next year…check it out here!

Crime and Publishment (Booking Details in the link in the text)

What if your writer also has a touch of the green finger? Well, Etsy have this cute little planter that is bound to set their writing area off perfectly!

Book Planter from Etsy (see link in text)

Imagine your favourite writer huddled up in their chilly attic pounding away at their ancient typewriter producing the works of magic which will blow your mind away. Think of how cold their poor hands will become? Check out these cute Alice in Wonderland Writing Gloves from Etsy. I love these!

Writers Gloves available from Etsy (link in text)

Of course, writers come up with the best ideas in the strangest of places and they always need somewhere to note those little gems down! So why not get them a notebook to carry with them everywhere. This one is from Amazon and is bound to be great for that next great plot twist!

Notebook from Amazon (link in text above) Other styles are available 

You got them the notebook, what about some pencils to keep them inspired? This lovely little novel writers pencil set will make them smile for sure! 

Pencils from Amazon (link in the text)

Your favourite writer, of course, must keep refreshed at all times! Gin and Tea is my preferred brand of rehydration (G&T gettit!) Check out this amazingly cute luxury cocktail set. This is so pretty, I want one! 

G&T Cocktail Set from Amazon (link in text)

We need to ensure that our writers are well wrapped up against the cold so why not check out this beautiful Jane Austen Scarf

Scarf from Etsy (link in the text)

Check out this jumper to keep the chills at bay and to remind them to be always thinking of the next Plot Twist! 

Jumper from Etsy (link in text)

Or what about a subscription to the Writing Magazine which means that every month a whole magazine full of tips, inspiration and motivation falls through their letterbox or into their inbox. With subscriptions starting at just £3.99 per month this is an ideal gift that just keeps on giving!

I hope that this has given you some inspiration for the writer in your life. I’d love to hear what you are buying the writer in your life over the festive season! 

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