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A short rant of a post…apologies now!

I despaired today! I read a blog post where a blogger described (and admitted to doing it themselves) faking coffee and tea for their Bookstagram pics! The sad thing is that this person and their followers thought that this was funny, they thought it was a great idea?

Book buyers out there, tell me, does the perfect filtered picture make you run out and buy a book? Does the perfect colour of hot drink tip the balance between one book and another?

I’m not talking about artistically displayed photographs of book post or indeed about people using filters in their photos…we all do it at one time or another. But as a nation have we become that shallow that we base our reading habits on the perfect filter applied? What happened to the passion of the words, the emotions evoked, the level of engagement you feel with the characters? That sense of place and wonder when you open the pages and step inside? What does it say about our value of the written work and the hours, months, years of blood, sweat and tears that the authors put into their work?

Please for the love of god, do not let this disappear? Do not let us be taken over by the perfect pictures!


12 thoughts on “#KeepTheBookLoveReal #WhatMattersMost #BookBloggers #BookLove

    1. Exactly and it was not a criticism of nice pics, use of filters and props but rather an observation on what I personally see as a strange thing to do, to fake a drink pic to promote a book. I guess I’m old school and I fear we may lose the passion for the written word and the appreciation of the work the author has put into writing a book in favour of a filtered, fake picture. Hey, maybe I’m wrong though and maybe that’s the way forward but it is a sad loss of something very special if it is xx

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  1. Coming to a work place near you soon!
    Twenty year olds with time on their hands. Imagine the scene in the office when they are told to do something fucking useful and productive that makes a difference.
    I despair

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    1. Oh Anne, I love you, your sense of realism and understanding! I am despairing of what I am seeing. And if you dare to criticise they all jump on shouting bully! I really do wish we could take them and show them a reality that would open their eyes! Xxx


  2. Oh my goodness I can’t believe someone did that. There’s rarely anything else in mine other than books! And they are the types of posts I like as well. I hope no one else tries to follow this. Not surprised you needed the rant!

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