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Sometimes I feel like I live in Waterstones, Sauchiehall St. Sometimes I think the staff think I do too! But it’s ok, so far they haven’t take a restraining order out against me! Tonight I was back in store for the brilliant Owen Mullen in conversation with the one and only Dr Noir, Dr Jacky Collins! Two of my favourite people, I knew I was in for a treat!

Owen was here to talk about his latest novel “Out of The Silence” and his last novel In Harms Way and a fair old crew had turned out to support him! It is always heartening to see a crowd turn out to support their favourite authors and Owen Mullen is certainly a favourite in Glasgow!

Jacky was her usual self, a fantastic host and an expert moderator whom I aspire to emulate She promised Owen a gentle interrogation and began the questions talking about his nomination for “Games People Play” in the McIlvanney Awards at Bloody Scotland in 2017 and his place in the coveted Star Pick section in Sunday Times for “And So It Began…”

For a man who didn’t set out to be a crime writer, he certainly has made his mark in the field! Owen freely admitted that he has always done things the wrong way round, not going to university until much later in life as he pursued a career in music. He had a wish to be rich, famous and to pull beautiful women and claimed that one out of three ain’t bad! I’ve met Owen’s wife Christine and he certainly pulled the most beautiful woman there! I’m not sure of his bank balance but I’m pretty sure he is making steady progress on that ladder to fame!

Owen’s writing career began with a short story which he claims was not very good. His latest novel, “Out of the Silence” was actually the first novel he wrote in 2007 and received almost 60 rejections for this!
He spoke of the hopes and dreams tied up in each submission and how each rejection impacted on him as a writer but stressed the need for persistence for anyone who wants to achieve anything, and especially for those who want to write…just keep going!

Jacky talked to Owen about his writing process and the development of his characters. Owen is quite clear that his characters definitely don’t talk to him and that he is God when it comes to deciding what they do.

Owen can’t be pigeonholed as an author, he is always trying something different and challenging the genres, Jacky asked him if this was a conscious decision, Owen admitted that while this true, it wasn’t deliberate, he was just trying to write something that someone would publish!

In relation to Out of the Silence, Owen spoke of his decision to base the book in the Punjab and the hard-hitting inspiration behind the novel. It’s a story I won’t share here but one you should ask him to tell you himself.

Owen finished off talking about his first review which was not of one of his books but of his first gig in a bar in Coatbridge -“I’ve heard worse” was the critique.

A natural born storyteller and an expert moderator made for a night to remember. Thank you to you both.

Owen’s books are available to purchase from:


Amazon UK

Amazon US

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