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I’m loving this new series by Anna Smith. Featuring Kerry Casey who heads up one of the top gangs in Glasgow, Anna Smith is right up there putting the grit into Glasgow. Thanks to the author and publisher for the copy for review.

Before I share my thoughts, here’s what the official blurb says:

Kerry Casey is now a fully-fledged gangland boss. With her business partner Sharon and her wily lawyer Marty at her side, she is busy ridding her organisation of the drug-dealing, people-trafficking scum her dead brother Mickey got them involved with. But her great dream is still to take the Caseys straight.

Her plan to turn her organisation around hinges on building a property empire in Spain. But Kerry has some deadly rivals – in Glasgow, on the Costa del Sol, and even further afield. They will never believe she has what it takes to defend her turf, and they won’t rest until the Caseys are destroyed.

When her enemies strike at the heart of the Casey family, Kerry must prepare for the fight of her life – for her business, her friends and her own survival.

My thoughts:

Fight Back is the second book in the Kerry Casey series. While you could read it as a standalone, I would highly recommend that you read in order and begin with Blood Feud. Yes, you can read it as a standalone but you will miss out on many of the little connections between characters, the family dynamics and just exactly what led Kerry Casey down the path she is now well and truly following.

From the outset Fight Back is tough, it is brutal and it contains swearing! But hey, it is a story about Glasgow gangland, it’s not Mills & boon guys! And it really would not be authentic without the swearing! When one of Kerry’s longtime family acquaintances and lawyer’s grandson goes missing, my heart jumped smack bang into my mouth as we knew that this little boy had not just simply wandered away. What a hook and from this moment on the tension and the pace just do not let up!

Kerry Casey is one of those women who make you stand back and drop your jaw in awe! Up until her mother’s death, she was totally legitimate. Her mother’s murder threw her into a role that she did not feel ready nor qualified for. This time around her shoes are well and truly under the table and she seems to have taken to it like a duck to water. But she also has her own secrets that she is trying to keep! Will she be able to do this and keep her hold firmly on the reigns of the family business? I’m definitely dying to know what the next step is for the Casey family! So many little tidbits I want to tell you but I’m saying nothing in fear of giving any spoilers!

Fight Back is set between Glasgow and the Costa del Sol. This novel gives you it all, there is kidnapping, drug dealing, gang warfare, and endless dysfunctional relationships.

Kerry’s business partner, Sharon, is looking after the family business over on Costa del Sol. She’s a right tough cookie. Her and Kerry make a dynamite partnership but Sharon is beginning to think she might have bitten off more than she can chew this time around as it soon becomes clear that the Casey’s are messing with some big-time players. Players who will seemingly stop at nothing to get what they want.

Strong female protagonists make this a different kind of grit lit; here, the women are not running the show from behind the scenes; it’s Glasgow and these women are up there, they are leading and hell they are stealing the show!

Everyone who comes into contact with Kerry gets caught up in the crossfire and it is a nail-biting climax to an explosive second book in the series. A great sense of place, some strong and compelling characters, Anna Smith has well and truly placed Glasgow firmly in the gangland crime fiction map with this series! Don’t miss it!

Fight Back is available to purchase from:

Amazon UK

Amazon US


You can read my review of the first in the series, Blood Feud, here

About the author


Anna Smith is an award-winning journalist who spent a lifetime in daily newspapers, reporting from the frontline all over the world. She has covered conflicts from Somalia to Rwanda to Kosovo, where she witnessed the plight of tragic refugees, genocide and hideous ethnic cleansing. She has also worked on major investigations, unmasking drug dealers and paedophiles, as well as reporting on the Dunblane Massacre, to 9/11, where she was one of the first journalists on the scene in both world shaking events.

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