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I was delighted when Chris Curran contacted me and asked me to read and review her latest novel, “All The Little Lies” as part of the Blog Tour. Thanks to the author, publisher, and Netgalley for the advanced copy for review.

Before I share my thoughts, here’s what the official blurb says:

After a lifetime of secrets how far would you go for the truth?

An unputdownable new psychological thriller, full of twists you won’t see coming, from Chris Curran.

Your whole life has been a lie…

One email is all it takes to turn Eve’s world upside down. It contains a picture of her true birth mother, Stella, and proves that Eve’s entire life with her adoptive parents has been a lie.
Now she must unravel the mystery of Stella’s dark past. But what Eve finds will force her to take enormous risks, which put her – and her new-born baby – in immediate danger…

My thoughts:

Eve’s world is rocked when she discovers the identity of her real mother. She is devastated when she uncovers the lies her parents have told her and is determined to find out the truth behind her birth. But will she uncover more than she really wants to know?

Jill and David brought Eve up and it is clear that they are unhappy at her decision to poke about in her past. However, it would also appear that they were not the only ones who were feeling a bit anxious about what she might uncover. A few shady characters and some who you will either feel sorry for or who will infuriate you. I shall leave you to find out for yourself!

The book starts with Eve’s journey to find her mother before taking the reader back in time to discover what had happened to lead her to this point. I like this style of writing, it makes it a more rounded and complete reading experience and I really enjoyed the slower pacing of this novel. I felt that it added to the tension.

Narrated from both Eve and Stella’s point of view it paints a picture and leads the reader down a path of twists and turns. The story unfolded with each version narrated by Eve and Stella. My head was full of questions about both women as more and more secrets are uncovered. Affairs, art forgery, and deceit are all explored in this slow-burning but tense psychological thriller. Creepy and chilling it was so hard to know who to trust! The pace picks up at the end as the truth was revealed. I thought I had guessed the outcome but was delighted for the twists to keep on turning. A great read that I’d recommend!

All the Little Lies is available to purchase from

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About the author:


All the Little Lies is Chris Curran’s fourth psychological thriller for Harper Collins Killer Reads. She lives in East Sussex and writes, standing up, in a room with no view. When inspiration falters she finds tea (Earl Grey, hot) and a bout of ironing are very therapeutic. In breaks between books she dusts, cooks, walks by the sea and reads – but mostly reads.

Find her at https://chriscurranauthor.com/       Twitter @Christi_Curran  

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