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Runaway (Harcus and Laird) by [MacLeary, Claire]

I was delighted to be asked by Sara of Saraband Books and Claire to host the launch of the third in the Harcus and Laird series, The Runaway. Claire is one of my favourite Scottish crime writers. She is also one of the most intriguing and funny writers to interview, there is never a dull moment with her!

Despite the miserable Glasgow weather, a fair crowd turned out tonight for the event.

We spoke about her journey to becoming a writer, her research methods and her very unique approach to challenging gender and age stereotypes through her characters and a hefty dose of couthy humour.

Claire is a fascinating woman with a wealth of stories to tell. We heard about her adventures in Beirut as well as her varied career from her time on the market stalls, an antique dealer and owning a delicatessen in Aberdeen where the inspiration for Big Wilma came from. We heard about her writing process and routines and some of her plans for Maggie and Big Wilma in the future. And of course “Big Wilma” made an appearance via Claire’s readings!

If you ever get the opportunity to go and hear Claire speak please do, you won’t be disappointed!


Claire’s books are available to purchase from


Amazon UK

Amazon US

Follow Claire on Twitter @ClaireMacLeary

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