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There’s been a huge buzz about Chris Carter coming to town over the last few weeks and I was lucky enough to bag a ticket for this event on the 1st May in Waterstones, Sauchiehall Street.

Chris is currently doing a book tour to promote his latest novel, Hunting Evil, due to be published on 2nd May 2019.

A sell out event saw a packed house in the events space at Waterstones, Sauchiehall St (and if you haven’t checked it out, then why not – you can even get a drink there…who says books are boring eh!)

Wow, what a brilliant event, this one could have went on for hours. Chris is a fascinating man with a intriguing life story. He talked about his childhood in Brazil where he attended an American school graduating at age 16.

Initially Chris wanted to be a doctor, like his dad, until his dad managed to put him off that career choice taking him on an indepth tour of hospitals.

He then went to University and graduated in criminal behaviour psychology (now forensic psychology) and secured a junior placement in Detroit inthe District Attorney’s Office. Chris described this as an extremely dark place to be, facing evil and the impact of evil on a daily basis, it doesn’t take long to burn people out.

After seven years doing this, at the age of 27 he decided that he had more chance in the romance stakes as a rock star than as a criminal psychologist and he moved to California and became involved in the music business. Did he get the girls…his lips were sealed!

As well as the music industry, Chris has also flipped burgers, served pizza and spent some time as an exotic male dancer! He went through a bit of a rough time in his life before the idea of writing a story came to him. He had never thought of being a writer, read little and had never even dabbled in creative writing before. When he relayed a dream he had to an ex-girlfriend, she suggested he write this down and that’s when he realised his experience in criminal psychology could furnish him with some dark tales!

He decided to write one chapter of a crime story…and that became the Crucifix Killer. He knew nothing of the industry and expectations and he talked about how this allowed him a freedome to think outside of the box, to break the rules of writing.

Chris talked at length about his process to publication, he was extremely lucky and received no rejections. The first agent he submitted to contacted him after 4 days and within 4 months he had a publishing deal! And here is is, ten years down the line with his tenth book out!

Not quite sure what he is saying to Frankie here…

Chris is definitely a pantser when it comes to writing, he starts with a scene in his head – he doesn’t have the characters or the ending, he just starts. He talked about truth being strange than fiction and how writers need to ensure that their work makes sense to the reader – there must be an explanation in fiction, the readers need to know why a character behaves in a certain way, unlike real life where many crimes happen for no reason at all.

The evening was over WAY to soon, I could have sat for hours listening to Chris talk. And despite the massive queue of fans waiting to see him, he took the time to chat to every one of them and get pics taken. What a guy, he stole a little bit of my heart tonight! It was even worth the parking ticket I got when I went back to my car! Thank you GCC…NOT! But THANK YOU Chris Carter and Waterstones for a fabulous event!

Hunting Evil is available to purchase from:


Amazon UK

Amazon US

2 thoughts on “#BookLaunch #HuntingEvil #ChrisCarter #BookTour #Glasgow #Waterstones @WaterstonesGla @simonschusterUK

  1. I love this post! Chris sounds like a fascinating man. I can see where he got his inspiration for Robert Hunter from! I’m new to his books, so have only read An Evil Mind and Hunting Evil so far, but I can’t wait to catch up on the rest. Thank you so much for sharing the evening with us! ❤️

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