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Twisted: From the bestselling author of THIRTEEN by [Cavanagh, Steve]

Thanks to Tracy of CompulsiveReaders for inviting me onto the blog tour for Steve Cavanagh’s latest thriller, Twisted. And of course, thanks to the author and publisher for the ARC for review. I’ve been waiting a long time for this and boy was it worth the wait! I’m delighted to be sharing the closing spot of the blog tour with my #Twinnie over at Crimebookjunkie. So don’t forget to check out her post too!

Before I share my thoughts, here’s what the official blurb says:


1. The police are looking to charge me with murder.
2. No one knows who I am. Or how 
I did it.
3. If you think you’ve found me. I’m coming for 
you next.

After you’ve read this book, you’ll know: the truth is far more twisted…

My thoughts:

OMG, that blurb! As soon as I read this I HAD to read this book! Does it not just scream “Read Me NOW!” Well, it screamed out to me and I was powerless to resist!

Steve Cavanagh once again proves that he is the master of suspense. From the very beginning and that killer hook opening, he invites you to park all of your preconceived ideas and reading habits to join him on a rollercoaster ride through the pages of his latest thriller! Buckle up folks and enjoy the show!

Twisted starts off with a message from the reclusive author, JT LeBeau before it quickly grabs you by the throat and pulls you inside the head of a killer before depositing you right by the side of a woman who has just unearthed a deep, dark secret about her husband. Secrets, lies, revenge and some absolutely twisted plot lines left me hooked! Don’t be falling into the same trap as I did and thinking that you have got it all worked out within a few pages! Walking away patting yourself on the back congratulating yourself on your super sleuthing skills! Hell, nobody loves a smart ass and Steve Cavanagh is just about to bring you hurtling back down to earth with what comes next!

Besides the twisted plot, I loved the whole concept of the novel, an author writing about a best selling author whose market is built on absolutely zero marketing! I can imagine the fun that Steve Cavanagh had writing this plot!

And talk about unreliable narrators! This is a novel full of characters with closets full of secrets and skeletons! Watch them all tumble out one after another and watch your brain go into meltdown as you try to work out just who you can trust! I don’t want to tell you about the characters that I loved and loathed as too many clues will ruin those special moments for you. Just let it be said that my head was spinning by the end of the book! But in a good way! Did I like any of the characters? I’m not really sure if ‘like’ is how I’d describe my feelings? I definitely connected with them in varying levels from dislike to empathy to hatred but I’m not going to tell you which characters were the subject of my feelings as to do so would perhaps give a little bit of the game away!

It’s not twisted as in gruesome and gory but rather twisted as in intelligently slick and clever: cleverly executed plot carefully crafted and genius execution. I have to say that it ambles along quite slowly until at around 30% in, and then #BANG! Now when this novel starts to get twisted, it gets TWISTED, so be prepared to start wrapping yourself around that corkscrew!

The author is a genius in the execution of this novel – pay attention as you will need to be on your toes but it is well worth the effort as the mystery unravels before your eyes. Twisted is the perfect title for this novel. It keeps on giving all the way through. Some might criticize it for being unrealistic but you know what, when you read sometimes you just need to Let go of reality, settle yourself down and enjoy the ride! It’s FICTION guys…or is it!

Don’t miss it!

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Twisted is available to purchase from:

Amazon UK

Amazon US


About the author:

Steve Cavanagh

Steve Cavanagh is a critically acclaimed, award-winning author of the Eddie Flynn series and lawyer. His third novel, The Liar, won the CWA Gold Dagger for Crime Novel of the year 2018. He is also one half of the Two Crime Writers and a Microphone podcast. His latest novel, Thirteen, is out now. 

His first standalone book, Twisted, is released in the UK in April 2019. 

Find out more at http://www.stevecavanagh.com or follow Steve on Twitter @SSCav

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