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Ten random facts about me…

OK, so like many of you I’m a little bit obsessed by books and you might think that books and bookish stuff are the only things that define me. Well, OK, so you’d be mostly correct but today I’m going to share ten other random facts about me. (it goes without saying that my family and friends are a huge part of my life but this post is meant to be a little bit random!)

I’d love to hear about you, apart from books what are the other things in your life that make you who you are?

I have walked over burning coals and broken glass (not at the same time!) A few years ago, I took part in a fire walk and a glass walk for charity. What a buzz I got from doing these, a real adrenaline rush! I didn’t set myself on fire, nor did I shred my feet to ribbons. Participants are given training and advice before the event and by the time it comes to take that walk, everyone is buzzing for it to be their turn!

My first car was a Lada! Not only was it a Lada but it also had a sun roof (cue the jokes now!) One day at the traffic lights, I opened the sun roof and it promptly fell off and landed on my bonnet. I very coolly got out the car, retrieved it and drove off! The driver window also was broken and held up with a clothes peg! I’ve never been a petrol head at all!

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My dream occupation is to open a book shop/social enterprise, introducing reading, creative writing and expressive arts to those who think that books and learning are not for them. I want to help people explore alternative ways to find and use their voices.

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When I finish up work for annual leave, I have a Cat in the Hat toy on my desk; he is placed on the keyboard and that signifies that Sharon has left the building!

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At Theakston’s Crime Festival, last year, I won the Linwood Barclay first line competition and my prize was an old fashioned typewriter signed by Linwood, a book from him which he signed and wrote “now go write the book” (and I have!)

Horses in water give me the fear…the Guinness Surf Horses advert gives me the fear!

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I’m obsessed with the sky and taking pictures of it!

I don’t have any clocks in my house and I don’t wear a watch. I hate watching time go by.

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I have had sleep paralysis since my mid 30s and now I am fascinated by the experience instead of scared by it!

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One of my bucket list items is to have a sleepover in a book shop!

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Now, I’d love to hear what yours are!

8 thoughts on “Ten Random Facts About Me #RandomFacts #BookBlogger

  1. I designed wrappers for both Opal Fruits and Maltesers
    I’ve jammed with Dennis D’Ell, the vocalist who had an international hit with ‘Have I The Right’ by the Honeycombs 45 years ago.
    I’ve also jammed with Alan Murphy, a guitarist who played with Kate Bush, Go West and Level 42 among others.
    For years I played in the same team as Les Sealey, a goalkeeper who played for Man Utd and West Ham among others – in fact, it was my dad who first played Les in goal.
    I once taught IT and Business Studies for an entire academic year despite not being a teacher.
    My dream is to play live on stage with my favourite band, Toto.
    I once punched Dave, of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beakey, Mick and Titch for throwing me out of an after-gig party (not proud of that one, but he was being a dick and I was only 17 or so).
    I once slept through a storm so bad in Italy whilst camping that the tent uprooted itself and blew down the hill – I also slept through it when others chased after it and put it back up again over me.
    I don’t like the Harry Potter books.
    I once ‘saw’ a friend quite unexpectedly, but when I crossed the road to greet him he wasn’t there. Later that same day, two friends visited me and when I told them I’d seen our mate Alan they reacted with horror – because he had been killed earlier that week in a road accident in France.

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  2. I used to make Fairy Liquid

    I don’t like mango, which appears to be rare

    I hate exercise but run 5k on a Sunday to chat with my husband

    I miss my brother who lives in NL; we used it be very close

    I cry at ET, still

    Small, persistent noises (like fans, drips) drive me nuts and I lose any ability to think

    Peonies and lilies are my favourite flowers (not together)

    I’m a pretty good cook.

    I didn’t earn to drive u til I was 24, but I also rode a motorcycle at 26

    Hugs are my fuel

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      1. In the office with labs that decided what colour and formula it would be. If they said it lasted 30 percent longer, my team would do the tests to prove that. I studied chemistry originally, would you believe.

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