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I love Glasgow and I love the fact that we have so many amazing book events going on in my home city! Tonight, I was off to Waterstones in Sauchiehall Street for the launch of Stuart MacBride’s “All That’s Dead”.

A sell out event for one of Scotland’s top crime writers, the bookshop was packed as the crowd gathered to hear just what goes on in Stuart MacBride’s head!

If you have never seen Stuart in conversation then you are missing a real treat, he is the epitome of dry Scottish wit! Frankie asked him to introduce his novel and he promptly did just that by holding up his book and introducing it to the beautiful people of Glasgow before reading the blurb in an extreme US/thriller type voice!

Stuart talked about current events as inspiration for crime fiction and part of the inspiration of “All That’s Dead” came from a chance conversation with a shopkeeper in Scotland who felt the need to tell him that he believed that Enoch Powell had the right idea! This is not the Scotland that is his country and he becomes quite incandescent with rage at sectarianism, racism and bigotry.

All That’s Dead sees Steel pushed to the background and while it wasn’t a conscious decision to push her out, he recognises that she is such a forceful character that sometimes she needs to take a back seat to let other characters through. He hasn’t ruled out writing another novel with her as his main focus!

Stuart doesn’t believe that novels need to be set in real places, after all Narnia didn’t do too badly did it!

He has a real desire to put Logan back in uniform as he really misses reading about all the little vignettes that feature in real front line policing.

He talked about using humour in crime fiction. While the situations are not funny, the banter and camaraderie between police officers provide the humour. It is reflective of policing and indeed any work where much of the role involves misery and death.

Stuart talked about the research process and his top tip for anyone invited to sit in the back of a police car is to take the seat behind the driver…why? Well those who are arrested are placed behind the passenger seat for obvious safety reasons and he also pointed out many of them are quite inebriated which can often lead to bladder or bowel accidents…so now you know!

Audience questions came fast and thick but my favourite one was from Mary of Liveanddeadly when she asked Stuart when he made the decision that Logan would name his own todger…and you are going to have to read the book to find out exactly what that name is!

All too soon, the event was over, but not before Stuart spoke about the need for a change to the Scottish National Anthem…he even had the audience up singing it…and believe me you will never hum along to Postman Pat in quite the same way again!

All That’s Dead is available to purchase from:


Amazon UK

Amazon US

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