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Sinner: A gripping crime thriller that will keep you in suspense! by [Rose, Jacqui]

I was delighted to be asked to participate in the blog tour for the latest novel from Jacqui Rose, Sinner. Thanks to the publisher and the author for the review copy.

Before I share my thoughts, here’s what the official blurb says:

A gripping yet tear-jerking gangland masterpiece’ Kerry Barnes

Having been brought up amongst the hardest gangsters and faces of London, Franny Doyle learnt never to let love be her weakness. But she’ll do anything to protect those close to her, and at whatever cost.

Her partner Alfie Jennings is under pressure. The only person he ever sent down has recently been released from prison, and his Soho nightclub is under threat from his rival Charlie Eton – a man who doesn’t respond kindly to people taking away his business.

Charlie is playing dirty to come out on top, and when innocent children become involved in the feud, Franny and Alfie are dragged into a dark underworld where Alfie must face demons from his past, and Franny is in a dangerous race against time to ensure her own secrets aren’t exposed. Betrayal and lies come with consequences, and old sins cast long shadows…

The heart-racing new thriller, perfect for fans of Martina Cole and Kimberley Chambers.

My thoughts:

Sinner had me hooked from the beginning and what a fast paced and engrossing tale of the seedy and murky world of gangland London. Filled to the brim with secrets, lies, betrayal and revenge it was one of those books that once you start reading it, it’s hard to put down! I’ve since found out that it is the third in the series featuring Alfie and Franny, I hadn’t read the other two and this did not detract from my enjoyment, I would definitely say that it can be read as a standalone.

I loved Alfie and Franny , what a couple! But, Franny, now there was one hard hearted, cold and calculating woman! I found myself torn between loving her and hating her! Both Alfie and Franny are hiding secrets from each other and the tension was oozing out of the pages as the secrets were slowly uncovered.

A fabulous cast of characters came to life as I read, some of them stole my heart while others turned my stomach. I found myself completely caught up in their lives, wondering about them when I put the book down. Parts of the plot left me with a few questions but nothing that spoiled the read for me.The relationships between the characters was perfectly drawn out, deceit, mistrust and fear forming the foundations that they were built on and what shaky foundations they were.

It’s an uncomfortable read at times, With hard hitting themes of drugs,abuse and prostitution wrapped up in a cover of aggression and violence, Sinner, is never a cosy murder mystery but it is a banging good gangster thriller.

Sinner is available to purchase from:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

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About the author:


Jacqui Rose is a novelist who hails from South Yorkshire. Jacqui first came to appreciate the power of the written word when as a child she charged her classmates a packet of sherbet dips to write their essays for them. Adopted at a young age and always a daydreamer, she felt isolated growing up in a small mining village in South Yorkshire and it was her writing which kept her company. Sent to boarding school as a teenager, it was there she discovered her love for acting. After leaving school she studied to be an actress and started teaching drama voluntarily and writing workshops for prisoners, ex-offenders and the homeless, helping them develop and create their own plays but it was several years before Jacqui herself wrote again. 

Jacqui’s introduction back to writing was when she began to write and perform stand-up comedy and although this was very short lived it brought back the joy and freedom as well as the fun which writing gave to her

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