#AllTheFives Five Favourite #BookCovers

I know that the words inside of the book are the most important but who isn’t attracted by what’s on the front cover?

The Writers and Artists Year Book highlight the importance of getting the cover right in this article by graphic designer JD Smith.

The Importance of Cover Design

Today I’m sharing my top five book covers of 2019

In no particular order other than the order I have read them in this year…

Rat Run by Caro Ramsay: This cover screams dark and twisted and that is exactly what hits you when you dive into this read! Check out my review here.

Twisted by Steve Cavanagh was THE book everyone was talking about this year! And twisted it was too! I’m loving these new cover designs for Steve’s books. You can check out my review here.

Breakers from Doug Johnstone just about broke me this year. This cover just sums up the life of the characters. Do NOT miss this book! Check out my review here.

Douglas Skelton’s Thunder Bay was an outstanding read and easily in my top reads of 2019. This cover is stunning! Look at those colours, it just sums up the intensity of the read. Check out my review here.

Fear in the Lakes from Graham Smith is the 3rd in his Beth Young series. I can’t share my review yet as it is due out later this month! But will you check out that cover! Makes me want to dive right into those lakes! This is lush!

I’d love to hear what your favourite book covers are…

12 thoughts on “#AllTheFives Five Favourite #BookCovers

  1. Even on a Kindle, book covers are still a draw.
    My personal choice would be the hardback cover of Umbero Eco’s ‘The Name Of The Rose’. (At least on my copy.)
    Many thanks for following my blog.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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