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It’s Tidelines Book Festival this weekend and they have a whole host of fabulous authors appearing in the Harbour Arts Centre in Irvine. This afternoon I popped down for the pop up launch of Scotland’s favourite radio journalist/presenter, Theresa Talbot’s The Quiet Ones.

This is the latest (and possibly the last) in the Oonagh O’Neil series and what a cracking read it is! You can read my review here.

Theresa was put through the paces by fellow crime writer, Douglas Skelton…or rather Douglas was put through the paces by Theresa! Theresa spoke about her writing process as well as using her writing to deliver some of her own rough justice on some unsavoury characters. She bases her books on real life situations to explore some highly topical issues.But Theresa being the delightfully bonkers woman that she is also brings some humour to her writing and indeed in all that she does. She admitted that Oonagh has just a little of herself in her character and if you read the books then you are sure to see this shine through.

A great wee afternoon out at Tidelines and there are plenty more authors appearing tomorrow if you fancy a wee trip down to Irvine. Check out the programme here.

The Quiet Ones is available to purchase from

Amazon UK

Amazon US

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