#DeadGoodOctober #GiffnockLibrary with Anna Smith @ERCL4 @annasmithauthor @QuercusBooks

Last night I headed over to Giffnock Library to catch up and chat with Scottish crime fiction author, Anna Smith. It was a full house on what was a wet, wild and miserable Wednesday night but inside the welcome was warm!

Anna is the author of the highly successful Rosie Gilmour series featuring journalist Rosie; and her latest series a Glasgow gangland thriller with gang mistress Kerry Casey.

Anna spoke of how she had drawn from her own experience as a journalist for both series and in particular, writing Rosie’s story was almost a cathartic process given some of the horrors she witnessed as a young reporter in the early 80s when the heroin epidemic was just about to hit our streets.

As a crime writer Anna is fantastic, as a speaker she is warm, engaging and full of stories which kept the audience on the edge of their seats. From the frustrations and challenges as her time as a journalist to some of the people she comes across on her travels, who often wind their way into her books in some shape or form.

She spoke of the dilemma of glamourising gang life in her books and how she addresses this through the conflicts her latest character, Kerry Casey, faces as becomes the reluctant head of her notorious family.

Anna gave aspiring writers in the audience plenty of handy tips, from creating characters to using everyday life as inspiration for your writing. She spoke about her own writing process and how her earlier career as a journalist made for a smooth transition to a full time writer.

It was probably one of the quickest hours I’ve spent and I don’t know about anyone else but I could have sat for another hour listening to Anna’s tales.

You can buy Anna’s books from:


Amazon UK

Amazon US

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