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Those People: From the bestselling author of OUR HOUSE by [Candlish, Louise]
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I was lucky enough to be asked to interview Louise Candlish alongside Lucy Foley in Glasgow this month and although I was sent a review copy of Those People, I had already purchased a copy from Amazon.

Before I share my thoughts, here’s what the official blurb says:


Until Darren and Jodie move in, Lowland Way is a suburban paradise. Beautiful homes. Friendly neighbours. Kids playing out in the street. But Darren and Jodie don’t follow the rules and soon disputes over loud music and parking rights escalate to threats of violence.

Then, early one Sunday, a horrific crime shocks the street. As the police go house-to-house, the residents close ranks and everyone’s story is the same: They did it.

But there’s a problem. The police don’t agree. And the door they’re knocking on next is yours. 

My thoughts:

Neighbourhood disputes can drive us to the end of our tether, they are the subject of many real life dramas on TV and the most extreme or sometimes ridiculous can drive people over the edge.

So how do you feel when a new neighbour moves in on your street and starts to break all of the unwritten rules? That’s what happens when Darren Booth and his partner Jodie move into Lowland Way.

Oh boy what a welcome to the neighbourhood! While Darren Booth doesn’t exactly endear himself to neighbours and perhaps the readers, there was something rather off putting about the Stepford Wives approach the rest of the street took towards him! They kind of made my hackles rise a little and made me think, you know what, I’d be wanting to piss you off too!

There’s touches of dark humour and a valuable insight into how our lives quickly become embroiled by the perceived injustices by others, one scene where Ralph admits becoming deflated when the new neighbour hasn’t done anything new to irritate him.

Each of the characters brought something new to me as their stories were revealed, I loved the use of police statements starting off each chapter, immediately taking us to the character who’s POV it is. I particularly loved and empathised with Sissy a lot, she is the oldest character in the street and the author really addressed the issue of invisibility of older women in life and she gave her a few scenes which made me smile and raise my fist in celebration

Taking neighbourhood disputes to a whole new level, with something insidiously menacing going on between the pages, it is hard at first to warm to any of the characters as secrets are uncovered. Who is to blame for the tension and disputes – is it the newcomers or the existing residents with their very clear idea of how life should be on Lowland Way.

Yet, the author has written them in such a way that she peels back each layer, uncovering the richness and complexities that make us human, did I change my mind about a few of them? Most definitely so and I’m sure you will too!

This is not a fast paced, “wham bam” kind of read and never was it meant to be, rather it is an exploration of the lives of others, into the frailty and also toxicity of human nature; of the very real impact neighbourhood disputes can have on us and how easily those tensions can build until something terrible happens. It is also a lesson on, perhaps, how not to behave and about acceptance and tolerance.

Those People is available to purchase from:


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Louise Candlish is the Sunday Times bestselling author of twelve novels. Her thriller Our House is a #1 bestseller in paperback, ebook and audiobook and won the 2019 British Book Award for Crime & Thriller Book of the Year. Optioned for TV by Death in Paradise producers Red Planet Pictures, it was picked as a Book of the Year 2018 by the Washington Post, Publishers Weekly, Real Simple, the Guardian, the Daily Mail, the Sunday Express,Red and Heat.

Louise’s thriller Those People was published in June 2019, and her latest novel  The Other Passenger  will be published in 2020. 

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