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The Magic Flag Mystery (Blaze Dog Detective Book 1) by [Lin Anderson, Donald McKay]
Source: Review Copy via Authors

Some might think this an unusual choice of read and review for me, it’s a kids book, but after having met Blaze and Laoch during the launch of Lin Anderson’s Time for the Dead in which Blaze plays a starring role, I knew for sure I wanted to be involved in the publicity for the collaboration between Lin, the boys and their dad. While my grandson is still a wee bit young for this series, it is most definitely being bought for his shelves for when he gets older.

Before I share my thoughts, here’s what the official blurb says:

When the famous fairy flag of the Clan MacLeod disappears from a locked room at Dunvegan Castle on the Isle of Skye, the police immediately call in Blaze Dog Detective.
After all his scenting skills on the island are legendary.
With his team of Rosa, Rory and wee brother Laoch, Blaze leads the chase to rescue this magical flag before it can be spirited away from the island forever.

My thoughts:

The Magic Flag Mystery is a tale full of mystery, suspense and intrigue. Taking it’s young readers on a magical journey to the island of Skye it will pull them into a world of island myths and legends and have them fall in love with Blaze and Laoch. It had my heart in my mouth as the boys put themselves in the line of fire as they battle to find out what happened to the Fairy Flag. It had me chuckle at their antics especially when I know those antics are based very much on the truth.

As well as the boys we are also introduced to Granny Beaton or Granny B as she is called, a delightful character who rides around the island on her motorbike and looks into her crystal ball to help solve mysteries. Granny B’s granddaughter, Rosa, has come from Glasgow to live with her on the island and Blaze takes a shine to this girl with the sad face. Rosa teams up with Blaze, Laoch, their dad and Rory to become part of #TeamBlaze as they race to find out what happened to this magical flag. This was the part of the book that warmed my heart, that special bond between dog and child was expertly written, it’s a magical bond and one that will soften even the hardest of hearts.

Of course I’m not going to tell you if Blaze the Detective Dog and his trusty sidekick solve the mystery. You are just going to have to discover that for yourself.

At just under 100 pages this is the perfect story to curl up with your little ones and lose yourself in. And you know that when we can all finally get out again and these boys take this book on a real time tour there will be queues of eager new fans waiting to see them! Don’t miss it!

You can buy The Magic Flag Mystery over at Amazon UK and Amazon US The printed version will be available when we are out of lockdown.

And if you are lucky enough to be visiting Skye, why not look up Blaze, Laoch and their dad for a guided tour of this magical island. Blaze’n’Trails offer a unique opportunity to see the island with their guided walks. It’s definitely one that is on my bucket list!

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