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How I have been patiently waiting for this book to arrive on our shelves, the highly anticipated third in the Washington and Poe series from M.W Craven, The Curator. Just look at that cover…does it not just draw you into the book..well open up the pages and I promise you, you will not leave until the very last page! I’m delighted to be opening up the blog tour for The Curator.

Before I share my thoughts, here’s what the official blurb says:

It’s Christmas and a serial killer is leaving displayed body parts all over Cumbria. A strange message is left at each scene: #BSC6. Called in to investigate, the National Crime Agency’s Washington Poe and Tilly Bradshaw are faced with a case that makes no sense. Why were some victims anaesthetized, while others died in appalling agony? Why is their only suspect denying what they can irrefutably prove but admitting to things they weren’t even aware of? And why did the victims all take the same two weeks off work three years earlier?

And when a disgraced FBI agent gets in touch things take an even darker turn. Because she doesn’t think Poe is dealing with a serial killer at all; she thinks he’s dealing with someone far, far worse – a man who calls himself the Curator.

And nothing will ever be the same again…

My thoughts:

Oh Mike Craven, what on earth do you do to me! Drawing me in with your killer hook and dangling me on a piece of string right until the very end. You kill me every time in this series! I love it! The Curator is one of those books that you cannot put down, with every chapter leaving you hanging on a cliff edge it definitely keeps you on the “just one more chapter” rollercoaster!

Washington Poe and Tilly Bradshaw, what can I say, probably one of the most unlikely character pairings ever, he’s brusque, rough and ready to break the rules at every stage of the game and along comes Tilly, his exact opposite and together they work perfectly. Did I mention I love this duo, ying and yang they complement each other perfectly, as characters they fit like a glove; Poe, brusque and offhand, Tilly obsessively logical and literal. I know the writer never says if Tilly is on the spectrum and in book three it really doesn’t matter anymore (but if she is then MW Craven has hopefully smashed down some barriers that people on the spectrum face through her character).

I also love the relationship between Tilly, Poe and DI Stephanie Flynn, what a combination and despite Flynn’s advanced pregnancy she is still heavily involved in the Curator. The three characters are a perfect combination and Flynn cements them all together, she has always got her back and they, hers, which very much comes to the fore in The Curator but again…my lips are sealed!

There is so much going on in this plot that I am scared to say anything in case I give away any spoilers, so read the blurb to find out what it is all about. But what I can say is Mike Craven put me through an emotional wringer with The Curator! It is complex, it’s clever and it is so exquisitely devious and twisted! But despite the darkness there are real little gems of humour in there as each of the characters bring their own little quirks of human nature to the story. My heart stopped beating a few times and bloody hell! What an ending!!! It may take me a year to recover!

What I really love about this series is that the characters are all relatable, I feel as though I’m getting to know them more and more as the series develops and won’t be long until I’m part of the team. Because the team are real, right? I love MW Craven’s writing style, I honestly don’t know how he does it but he picks you up and places you in the heart of the books and the lives of the characters. I mean I am seriously worried about Poe’s housing situation; how he will react if Tilly ever enters into a relationship…these are questions I find myself asking as I read as I have become so emotionally invested in the lives of his characters.

Anyway, should you read The Curator? Well, hello…YES! Of course you should! Can you read it as a standalone (this is the third in the series)? Well, yes you can, but why would you deprive yourself of reading the other two which are just as brilliant as this one!

The Curator is available to purchase, from 4th June 2020, via


Amazon UK

Amazon US

And all other good bookshops!

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