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I just love an anthology,  ideal for times where you may have lost your reading mojo or you might not have the time to devote to losing yourself in a novel and if it’s raising money for the NHS charities then all the better!

Noir from the Bar is jam packed with little nuggets of treasure from established authors such as Zoë Sharp and the dark and chilling ‘The Night Butterflies’ to new and emerging authors such as Suzy Aspley. Given that each of the stories are short, it is impossible to do a review of them all. However, every single one of them deserves a mention so here goes!

Delicious little stings in the tale with The Night Butterflies from Zoë Sharp kicked off the proceedings;

Danny Marshall’s The Cavaliers Revenge is a fabulous modern twist on Agatha Christie while Sharon Bolton’s All Souls’ Eve gives us a ghostly tale of forbidden love.

Graham Smith’s The Smell of Perfume excels in his kick ass search for a missing teen and the dead most definitely don’t always stay dead in The Admiral by DC Smith.

First Kill by Dave Sivers had me hold my breath to the end of the story while David Turton’s The Albatross and the Cambrio Cigarette leads you into the murky world of a PI with a dodgy past.

Phoebe Morgan’s The Stranger in the Bar takes a drink from a stranger to a whole new level and One for my Baby by Simon Bewick left me with a moral dilemma when it comes to revenge.

Margaret Kirk’s Still Life proves that people are not always who they seem to be.

Chris McDonald’s The Retreat will make you think twice about the next business trip you make and Robert Scragg’s Pancake Day takes us on a walk on the wild side of corruption. And in Another Man’s Shoes from Fiona Veitch Smith it’s clear that trying out a new life isn’t always the best move to make.

Mr Norris’ Profession from KC Murdarasi unearths the secret life of Mr Norris, a man with an extremely low maintenance conscience.

Philippa East gives us a dark trip down memory lane On Brighton Pier and Sara Sheridan with The Morelli Diamonds takes us back to a dark time in the 1950s

Suzy Aspley added a cheesy little twist to the book festival circuit and love in later years with The Limburger Killing.

Roz Watkins Tiger’s Eye View takes a trek into terror and Effie Merryl’s Lucky Jack Sparrow might have struck lucky in more ways than one.

Belting Up by Eva Smith a short sharp lesson while Olga Wojtas’ The Flight gives us a lesson in a woman scorned.

Rob Parker’s Big Friend scared the bejesus out of me! And Kirsten McKenzie’s Paperwork just goes to show that paperwork isn’t always boring that’s for sure! Louise Mangos’ Gale Force took the wind out my sails and then some!

Kudzo Queen: A Pastoral by Ashley Erwin was a fast paced stick of dynamite while Derek Farrell’s The Return is a bittersweet reunion and Neil Lancaster’s Tom Novak short, Ice, was a chilling descent into addiction.

Operation Foxglove by Martyn Taylor hit me hard while Now, Please Wash Your Hands by Alison Belsham was a perfectly plotted police procedural wrapped up in a short story. Neil Broadfoot’s Grin and Bear It, well that was simply exquisitely evil!

And there you have it, jam packed with some of the most darkest and devious minds in the world of crime fiction! Don’t miss it

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This anthology, consisting of 30 stories by crime and mystery writers from all over the world has been conceived, created, and published in a month.

All stories have been donated free-of-charge by the authors, with the vast majority of them written specifically for this very special book. Originating from Virtual Noir at the Bar, a weekly online gathering where authors — best sellers, award winners and up-and-coming — join together to read sections live from their works to the public, the organisers of that event put the word out to writers who had appeared to submit a story to help raise funds for NHS charities. The result is this book. Inside you’ll find short pieces that have nothing in common other than their quality and a general tale-from-the-bar theme.

So whatever sort of crime and mystery fiction you enjoy, you’ll find something to appeal:

  • Locked room mysteries
  • Gritty noir
  • Cozy capers
  • Psychological thrillers
  • Twist-in-the-tales
  • Revenge dramas
  • Shocking shorts
  • Longer dramas to savor

With combined sales of more than three million books and awards galore, you’ll find familiar names and new finds within.

Support NHS charities and treat yourself by reading this exceptional collection. 

Full list of authors included in this anthology:

Suzy Aspley, Alison Belsham (The Tattoo Thief (Sullivan and Mullins)), Simon Bewick (You Could Make a Killing), Sharon Bolton (the Lacey Flint series), Neil Broadfoot (the Connor Fraser series), Philippa East (Little White Lies), Ashley Erwin (A Ballad Concerning Black Betty or the Retelling of a Man Killer and her Machete), Derek Farrell (The Danny Bird Mysteries), Margaret Kirk (the DI Lukas Mahler series), Neil Lancaster (The Tom Novak series), Louise Mangos (Strangers on a Bridge), Danny Marshall, Chris McDonald (A Wash of Black), Kirsten McKenzie (The Old Curiosity Shop series), Effie Merryl, Phoebe Morgan (The Doll House), KC Murdarasi (Office Life (and Death)), Rob Parker (The Ben Bracken series), Robert Scragg (The Porter & Styles series), Zoe Sharp (the Charlie Fox series), Sara Sheridan (the Mirabelle Bevan series), Dave Sivers (the DI Nathan Quarrel and Archer & Baines series), Graham Smith (the Jake Boulder series), DC Smith, Eve Smith (The Waiting Rooms), Martyn Taylor (The Price of Everything), David Turton (The Malaise), Fiona Veitch Smith (The Poppy Denby Investigates series), Roz Watkins (The DI Meg Dalton series) and Olga Wojtas (The Miss Blaine’s Prefect series).

More details of how you can join, free of charge, future Virtual Noir at the Bar events are included in the book.

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