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Lyme Crime, a brand new crime & thriller festival, was due to launch 26th to 28th June at the Marine Theatre in historic Lyme Regis. Due to the “thing that cannot be named” which resulted in lockdown across the world the organisers have decided to take the festival and put it online, available to all and for free! How AWESOME is that!

They have an AMAZING line up starting tomorrow (25th June) and running through to Sunday 28th June!

I have to give a special shout out to the wonderful, talented, devilishly handsome duo who are kicking off proceedings at 2 pm on Thursday 25th!

Yes, folks, put your hands together for Mr Neil Broadfoot and Mr Douglas Skelton (I’ve sent you my bank details for the payment guys!!)

Thursday 25th June, 2pm
A double shot of Scotch
McIlvanney award nominees Douglas Skelton and Neil Broadfoot discuss being part of the ‘Tartan Noir’ community, writing from a Scottish perspective and how life after lockdown will never be the same for them – or the characters they bring to life…

Thursday 25th June, 4pm
Planes, Trains and Pick-Up Trucks
Mark Edwards and Ed James talk about setting books in America and the research trips they undertook to get it right…which almost ended in disaster.

Thursday 25th June, 6pm
Train Noir
SJ Holliday and Mason Cross discuss their most recent novels, both of which are set on trains, talking about the journeys that inspired them and how this particular form of travel lends atmosphere, momentum and claustrophobia to a thriller.

Thursday 25th June, 7.30pm
Music, mystery and Du Maurier
Crime writers Syd Moore and Olivia Isaac-Henry met on a Creative Writing M.A. at City University, London. In this conversation they discuss the value of Creative Writing M.A.s, their love of Northern Soul and the haunting appeal of Daphne Du Maurier.
This panel comes with a soundtrack! Olivia put together a playlist when writing Someone You Know – a collection of her favourite Northern Soul tracks. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6UwSnIxTCjmIUxlGFBAQ4e…

Friday 26th June, 11am
Dark Days and Bright Nights
Lilja Sigurðardóttir and Quentin Bates talk about exporting Iceland’s very own flavour of crime fiction into English. Comes with a side order of elves and witches.

Friday 26th June, 12.30pm
Not So Cosy Now
Rachel Ward and Derek Farrell are two authors who are proud to have their work described as cosy. They’ll be sharing their views on how contemporary cosy novels can also be the most subversive – the perfect way to look at evil in our society in a balance of light and dark.

Friday 26th June, 2.30pm
The Business of Death
Paddy Magrane talks to Doug Johnstone about the inspiration behind A Dark Matter and its follow-up, The Big Chill, his compelling and darkly comic novels featuring the Skelf family, three women running a funeral director’s and a private investigator’s in Edinburgh.

Friday 26th June, 4pm
Multiple Murder
Does the genre choose the author or can the author call the shots? Marnie Riches, Michelle Davies and Roz Watkins discuss.

Friday 26th June, 6pm
Race & Criminal Justice
George Floyd’s death has sparked widespread anger and protest in the US and UK over police abuse. This panel will look at some of the issues relating to racism and criminal justice, both in the US and the UK, including discrimination in death penalty cases in the US.
Kenneth Reams – artist, social justice activist, writer, founder of Who Decides, Inc. and the youngest person to be sentenced to execution in Arkansas history when he was aged 18, in 1993. Kenneth is still incarcerated on Askansas’ death row and has spent every day of the past 27 years in solitary confinement. Kenneth will be speaking from his cell at the event.
George Kendall – leading death penalty and civil rights attorney at Squire Patton Boggs, New York.
Shamik Dutta – partner at Bhatt Murphy and specialist in civil claims and public law challenges against the police; Executive Committee member of the London Anti-Racist Alliance.
Moderator: Samantha Knights QC – barrister and Adjunct Professor at University of Miami.

Friday 26th June, 7.30pm
Noir at the Bar
A host of top crime and thriller talent will join a live Virtual Noir At The Bar to celebrate OnLyme Crime, preview new work and celebrate the Noir From The Bar Anthology which collects 30 of the world’s best crime writers in a collection with all profits going to NHS charities.

Saturday 27th June, 11am
Setting the Pace
When a book becomes a rollercoaster. Thriller authors Alex Knight and Tony Kent reveal the secrets to writing a page-turner.

Saturday 27th June, 12.30pm
Monsters in our Midst
Tammy Cohen, Cass Green and Amanda Jennings discuss themes in their upcoming or most recent books. Long-buried secrets, monsters hiding in plain sight, and why crime readers and writers are drawn to the darker side of family life.

Saturday 27th June, 3.30pm
Character vs Plot: The Showdown
Devilish twists and turns. Compelling, believable characters. The very best fiction is always rich in both. But should crime fiction lean slightly more towards one or the other? Join Lucie Whitehouse, Fiona Cummins and Caz Frear as they tackle the literary ‘chicken-egg’ conundrum. What comes first, character or plot?’

Saturday 27th June, 5pm
Characters on the Couch – We Know You Know
Erin Kelly and psychotherapist Paddy Magrane delve deep into the psyches of Marianne, Jesse, Helen and Honor, the lead characters from We Know You Know, Erin’s psychological suspense novel about mental health, motherhood and betrayal.

Saturday 27th June, 6.30pm
New blood, new stories
Three new authors, Stephanie Wrobel, Robin Morgan-Bentley and Will Shindler, discuss their debut titles, what drew them to crime, and what readers can expect from them in the future. Moderated by Amanda Jennings.

Sunday 28th June, 11am
Law & Order: Lyme Regis – Two Cops. Two Lawyers. One Judge. Five Writers
Lisa Cutts, Neil Lancaster, Tony Kent, Imran Mahmood and His Honour Judge Nigel Lithman QC discuss writing crime from a cop and lawyer’s point of view

Sunday 28th June, 12.30pm
The Mindful Detective
A conversation between author, Laurence Anholt and his actor daughter, Maddy Anholt about Laurence’s Mindful Detective series, featuring a Buddhist cop who feels too much for his own good. Maddy narrated the recent audiobook version of the first title in the series, Art of Death, so father and daughter discuss characters, voices, the setting of the novels in the Jurassic Coast around the family home near Lyme Regis, meditation, and the way in which the writing process can be like lucid dreaming.

Sunday 28th June, 2pm
50 Shades of Noir
Polar opposites Neil Broadfoot and Derek Farrell discuss bonding over a shared love of crime and wine.

WOW, I’m kind of breathless just typing out that line up! That’s my weekend sorted, what about yours!

While I’m gutted that I won’t be at the festival in person, it’s great to know that no matter the weather, I’ve got a front row ticket for all the events and so can you!

Check out the Facebook page and Twitter for details on how to access each of the panels!

Grab a beer, gin or whatever your poison is, get yourself comfy and enjoy! If you see me at the bar, give me a shout!

And for those planning ahead for next year, the festival will be taking place 24th-27th June 2021! Hope to see you there in person!

Check out the website for more information!

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