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Dead Perfect: An absolutely gripping crime thriller with dark and jaw-dropping twists (Maggie Jamieson thriller, Book 3) by [Noelle Holten]
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It is so hard to believe that it is just over a year ago that Noelle Holten released her debut, Dead Inside, and here we are on the 3rd of the DC Maggie James series already! So proud of you #Twinnie. You are an inspiration!

I am delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for Dead Perfect! Not only that, I am buzzing to be one of the bloggers opening up the tour!

Thanks to the author and Sarah over at Book on the Bright Side Publicity services for inviting me to take part.

Before I share my thoughts, here’s what the official blurb says:

A murdered woman…

When the body of a young woman is found in a local park, DC Maggie Jamieson knows she’s dealing with no ordinary killer.  The murder victim has been disfigured; her outfit changed to resemble someone else.  Someone Maggie knows all too well…her close friend Dr Kate Moloney.

A determined detective…

Maggie is determined to keep her friend safe, but with Kate already struggling with a threatening stalker, Maggie now fears Kate’s life is in real danger.  Who else would want to harm Kate and why else would the killer be turning his victims into exact replicas – his living dolls? 

Can Maggie find the depraved killer?  Or will Kate become his next living doll?

My thoughts:

Well Cliff Richards song, Living Doll, has just taken on a whole new macabre meaning after reading Dead Perfect, the third in the DC Maggie Jamieson series from Noelle Holten.

Oh my days, the tension, the twists and the turmoil going on throughout this book had my head spinning and my hands in front of my eyes as I read. One of those books where the characters and the plot all just step out the pages to meet you! Talk about being immersed! I could not put this down!

An intriguing but chilling prologue gives you just a little flavour of what you can expect as you enter into the pages of Dead Perfect. And boy are you in for a twisted time!

DC Maggie Jamieson’s emotions are put through the wringer and then some as her friend and colleague, Dr Kate Maloney has gathered some very unwanted attention and it looks like there might be a killer out there with her in his sights. I lost the count the amount of times I screamed Noooooooooooooooooooo throughout this book as Noelle Holten put me through the paces when it came to the jaw dropping moments!

This series has such a cracking cast of characters, it is impossible to name them all but you do get to know them as each of them pop up across all three books. This is one of the things I really love about this series, each book so far, has had a focus on one or two particular characters but you don’t miss out on all the rest and as the series progresses you watch the little links and networks develop between them, leaving you eager to hear more about them further down the line.

DC Maggie Jamieson has got right under my skin and I’m growing to love her despite the hard shell she uses to protect herself.  She comes across as brusque and almost standoffish underneath there is a real vulnerable and almost shy woman. With very few people she can call friends, Kate is one woman she has grown extremely fond of. So much so that she worries that she might risk the friendship they have. My heart goes out to Maggie sometimes and I wish I could just step inside the pages and be her mate, someone to have her back, you know what I mean? So yes, I’m guilty of that old obsessive reader habit – turning fictional characters into some real inside my head. This has to be down to the hard work and effort that the writer puts into the creation of her characters

Julie Noble the reporter certainly piqued my interest in Dead Perfect, you may remember her as a thorn in Maggie’s side during the Raven investigation but reading between the lines there may be a few sparks ready to fly as both women are pushed together during this investigation. And how can I not mention the brilliant Kat Everett- she has got to be one of my favourites, her impromptu bouts of swearing always make me smile!

By now most fans of Noelle Holten’s books will know her background is in probation and her knowledge shines through in this series, giving it an authenticity that you trust without it turning into a great big information dump. And as the storylines grow darker it’s easy to see just how twisted and dark her imagination is! As well as the deliciously twisted plot there are lots of other little snippets about different characters which makes me think there are a fair few storylines still to be played out with this one.

Interspersed with short chapters from the killer’s point of view provided an extra injection of tension and I defy you to read it without covering your face with your hands at some points!

Deliciously dark, tantalisingly twisted and cleverly crafted, with Dead Perfect, Noelle Holten has nailed it and then some!

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About the author:

Noelle Holten
Noelle Holten is an award-winning blogger at http://www.crimebookjunkie.co.uk. She is the PR & Social Media Manager for Bookouture, a leading digital publisher in the UK, and worked as a Senior Probation Officer for eighteen years, covering a variety of risk cases as well as working in a multi agency setting. She has three Hons BA’s – Philosophy, Sociology (Crime & Deviance) and Community Justice – and a Masters in Criminology. Noelle’s hobbies include reading, attending as many book festivals as she can afford and sharing the booklove via her blog.
Dead Inside – her debut novel with One More Chapter/Harper Collins UK is an international kindle bestseller and the start of a new series featuring DC Maggie Jamieson.

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