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I’d like to thank author F.E. Birch and tour organiser, Anne Cater for inviting me on to the blog tour for this collection of short stories.

Before I share my thoughts, here’s what the official blurb says:

There’s nothing cosy about these crimes.
Succulent rich stories of the dark and unknown that might terrify, horrify, or deliciously delight. Thirty-two previously published and prize winning tales that contain themes of death, destruction, abuse and emotion, each one a veritable stride into a unique and different world. From the psychologically disturbed, the raging mad, the vulnerability of victims, and desperately needy, there’s not much that isn’t covered in the dark genre for those that like their stories to be troubling, distressing and quirky. NOT for the faint of heart, this comes with a triple X warning.

“A delightfully dark rollercoaster, dipping into a selection of slickly written shorts.” — Robert Scragg, author of All That is Buried
“A patchwork quilt of daring fever dreams, stitched together with effortless, bewitching prose. Highly recommended.” — Rob Parker, author of Far from the Tree

My thoughts:

Well, what can I say but you might want to make sure you have a fan and a stack of tissues beside you as you read this delectable collection of short stories, it’s dark, it’s emotive and at times it is smokin’ hot! And first up “A Bowl of Cherries” may have you never look at its namesake in the same way again!

It really is a delightful mix from the emotional tear jerkers to decadent darkness and taboos and it is the perfect collection for those who want their fix of darkness but are struggling to read a whole book, this you can dip in and out of at your pleasure.

With ghostly goings on, revenge and dark steamy scenes of a tantalising nature this is not for the faint hearted. A Bowl of Cherries is jam packed with 32 short stories, from murder with a decadent twist, stories that will touch your heart and ones that will make you smile. Some give you the answers and some leave you wondering. One of my favourite was Look Me in the Eye – an intense courtroom scene told from the eyes of the defendant: Slicing Onions brought a tear to my eye while Forever Day broke my heart and Haemorrhage made me want to reach into the pages and throttle someone.

So if you’re looking for something to warm up those winter nights, spice up your lockdown experience or just a taste of something dark and delicious then I’d suggest you pick this up and find yourself a dark room to lie down in after!

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A Bowl of Cherries is available to purchase from:

Amazon UK

Amazon US

About the author:

Effie Merryl is an ex-cop who spends her time between the North East of England and Central Scotland. She won the first Bloody Scotland Pitch Perfect in 2012 with the manuscript that will hopefully become her debut crime novel. She is the pseudonymous author of a ‘faction’ book of memoirs published by Harper Collins in 2013. She has had over 150 short stories published online
and in print, many of which have been placed in competitions (2004 – present). Her short story collection, Bowl of Cherries, contains some of her best prize winners, and is released on Amazon Kindle under the name F.E. Birch.
Twitter @EffieMerryl

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