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Source: gifted by developers for review

OK, so something a little bit different for review today! Lockdown has been driving us all crazy and crime readers and writers are no different! We are missing hanging out with our dark and twisted tribe!

So when the After Dark Investigation Team invited fellow author, Noelle Holten, and myself to road test their #FaceCrime version of card game #FoulPlay we jumped at the chance! We haven’t seen each other for ages and the opportunity to have a gab and try out this intriguing new game was irresistable! We even decided that we would record ourselves playing the game and share the fun with you!

No description available.

The card game was originally meant to be played in person (and it still can be) but that pesky pandemic put an end to get together so the team made a few tweaks to the game allowing players from all over the world to get together and play online!

The Foul-Play website describes the game as follows:

Murder is on the Cards

Welcome to Edwardian England. The Lord of the Manor is dead! The servants are our lead suspects and it’s up to you to unearth the evidence, seek out the suspects and catch the culprit in order to scupper the other sleuths and win this game of murder!

There’s more than one way to catch a killer though. So what’s it gonna be? Good Cop or Bad Cop? These two game versions come with their own set of rules and tactics to crack the case and finger your suspect, but will you use fair play or FOUL PLAY? 

So what did we think?

Noelle and I caught up on a Friday after work, we had a chat beforehand and as we had both looked over the rules, we had an idea how we were meant to play the game. Honestly, we did have an idea! Originally we were going to have a rehearsal before pressing record but where would the fun in that be! We like living on a knife edge! We went straight for the jugular and pressed record!

You can see the results on my YouTube channel

Were we perfect? Hell no!

Did we have fun, hell yeah!

Foul Play is actually so easy to play, all mistakes, errors and failure to read instructions properly, were solely our own! Full instructions are provided on the website and available to download for free too!

It can be played by any age and a minimum of two players are required. There is no limit on how many players can play online, as long as you all have a deck of cards!

Think Cluedo meets Guess Who and you get the idea! By process of elimination you guess your opponent’s (the other detective) suspect. But the deck of cards provided give you a few extra twists along the way! Will you throw some red herrings in the way; will you force your opponent to play fair or are you both in competition to see who is the dirtiest cop out there? Only you can decide!

It’s the ideal game for those times in life where you have murder on your mind…you know the times?

No description available.

Thanks to the team over at After Dark for inviting us to play; thanks to Noelle for being my #PartnerInCrime and to all the #booktribe out there, why not go buy a pack and we can all get together and have a criminally good time!

And you can buy them here!

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