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So how is Friday night looking at #GN2021 this year! I reckon this is a pretty hot line up for opening night, don’t you!

Kicking us off at 7pm are Stuart MacBride and Ian Rankin

The Police Procedural is Dead! Long Live the Police Procedural!
Stuart MacBride and Ian Rankin
Chaired by Fiona Stalker

BSL signed

Fiction is a dedicated follower of fashion, and every few years one genre (or sub-genre) bubbles up to prominence, while another’s declared dead in the water. Except that’s not really how we read, is it crime lovers?

Doomsayers regular declare the police procedural no more, expired, stiff, bereft of life, nailed to the bleeding perch. . .. Here to discuss why stories about cops chasing baddies will never join the choir invisible are two of Scotland’s finest practitioners, Ian Rankin and Stuart MacBride. Between them they’ve sold millions of books in dozens of regions around the world, earning their places at the forefront of the tsunami that is Tartan Noir.

Stuart MacBride’s newest Ash Henderson thriller, The Coffinmaker’s Garden, starts with a storm that reveals human remains buried in someone’s garden. How many people are buried there? And can the authorities retrieve the remains before the storm sweeps them out to sea? Ex-Detective Inspector Ash Henderson is determined to catch the killer — and God help anyone who gets in his way.

In A Song for the Dark Times, Ian Rankin’s most recent Rebus novel, the ex-detective speeds to the edge of Scotland to help his daughter who is distraught that her husband’s gone missing. But is he going as a father, or as a detective? And is this domestic drama linked to a case Siobhan and Malcolm are investigating back in the capital

For further information on the full Granite Noir programme please click here.

This event is free to view with no booking required. Simply visit granitenoir.com, sit back and watch!

Then at 8.30pm we have Attica Locke and The Voice of America

Attica Locke

Chaired by Alex Clark

BSL signed

NB: This event was pre-recorded. There will not be audience Q&A.

Attica Locke is one of America’s most exciting writers, whose work not only encompasses award-winning novels, but writing and producing for television, including Netflix’s When They See Us and Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere, and an upcoming adaptation of Waiting to Exhale.

Her third novel, Pleasantville, won the Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction and was long-listed for the Bailey’s Prize for Women’s Fiction. The Cutting Season won the Ernest Gaines Award for Literary Excellence. Her first novel, Black Water Rising, was nominated for an Edgar Award, an NAACP Image Award, as well as a Los Angeles Times Book Prize, and short-listed for the Women’s Prize for Fiction.

Heaven My Home is the thrilling follow-up to the Edgar Award-winning Bluebird, Bluebird. It finds Texas Ranger Darren Matthews on the hunt for a missing boy whose family are infamous white supremacists. It’s set in a small town whose economy thrives on nostalgia for the ante-bellum era, a place where that era’s racism still thrives. In his race to save the boy, Darren has to battle centuries-old suspicions and prejudices, while facing fresh threats reignited by America’s current political climate.

For further information on the full Granite Noir programme please click here.

This event is free to view with no booking required. Simply visit granitenoir.com, sit back and watch!

Granite Noir 2021 is being brought to us free of charge. Please consider making an optional donation to support Aberdeen Performing Arts, Granite Noir and culture in the North-east of Scotland.

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