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I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever for one of my all time favourite writers, Steven Dunne, to pen a new page-turner! Blood Summer was well worth the wait!

Before I share my thoughts, here’s what the official blurb says:

Two detectives from opposite sides of the planet join forces to hunt a ruthless killer in the South of France.

Commandant Serge Benoit is haunted by the terror attack in Nice, a crime scene he can see from his seafront apartment. Dispatched to a remote village, an hour’s drive from his home city, Benoit finds two brutally dismembered bodies. Who are the victims? Where did they come from? And who killed them? Benoit’s only clue is a cell phone with a single number in the memory…

Former FBI Agent, Michael Trent, is a wanted man in his homeland. Unable to return to America, he travels the world as an escapologist-for-hire, helping people in trouble to disappear. In Singapore, he is engaged by multi-millionaire Harry Renfrew who needs to relocate after receiving death threats from the Russian mafia.

After hiding Renfrew and his wife in a rustic French village, Trent assumes Renfrew’s identity to lay down a false trail to confound pursuers. After weeks of incident free globetrotting, Trent arrives in Barcelona for the final leg of his journey. But before he can congratulate himself on a job well done, he receives a shattering phone call…

My thoughts

I am a huge fan of Steven Dunne’s writing and his Reaper series is one that I will never tire of recommending to other readers. So you can imagine my excitement when he announced he was publishing a new standalone thriller! Well I was first in the queue for my pre-order and believe you me, it was well worth the wait.

First, that cover, it just screams “READ ME” and let me tell you it gives you just a taste of what is to come.

Blood Summer has a real international edge to it, from Singapore to Nice, the scenes are expertly drawn bringing the reader into the heart of the story by placing them firmly in the location, although the stunning locations are just about to be drastically tarnished by what is about to unfold.

We are introduced to former FBI Agent, Michael Trent, an intriguing character. He has many skeletons rattling around in his closet and now spends his time helping people disappear. Enter Henry Renfrew, a multi-millionaire from Singapore who has recruited Trent to help him and his wife escape from the Russian mafia. Trent whisks them away to an idyllic setting in rural France, where life is going to be good…one part of that sentence is a lie! I’ll let you work out which part!

In Nice, we meet Commandant Serge Benoit, a man living with the traumatic aftermath of a terror attack; he believes his new posting in the rural village is going to be quiet and stress free. He is wrong! So very wrong!

Steven Dunne is a master at creating characters so compelling you find yourself living inside their heads, plotlines so devious and twisted that you will meet yourself coming back as you try to figure them out and every time you think you might have it, well he just pulls the rug from under your feet!

Twisted, tantalisingly tense and breathtakingly brilliant! Do not miss this!

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