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I’m delighted to be sharing my review of Neil Broadfoot’s “The Point of No Return”, the 3rd in the Connor Fraser series.

Before I share my thoughts, here’s what the official blurb says:

How far would you go to find the truth?

After more than a decade of being in prison for the brutal murder two Stirling University students, Colin Sanderson has been released after his conviction was found to be unsafe.

Returning home to a small village not far from Stirling, Sanderson refuses police protection, even in the face of a death threat. But the PR firm that has scooped him up to sell his story does know of a protection expert in Stirling. They want Connor Fraser.

Connor reluctantly takes the assignment, partly as a favour to DCI Malcolm Ford, who is none too keen to have Sanderson on the loose, particularly as he was involved in the original investigation that saw him imprisoned.

When a body is found, mutilated in the same way as Sanderson’s victims were, all eyes fall on the released man. But how can he be the killer when Connor’s own security detail gives him an alibi?

As Connor races to uncover the truth, he is forced to confront not only Sanderson’s past but his own, and a secret that could change his life forever.

My thoughts

Connor Fraser is fast becoming one of my favourite characters, there is something quite addictive and mesmerizing about the security consultant with a somewhat mysterious past that is always lingering in the background ready to overcome him. In this novel, yet another layer of that backstory is about to be uncovered.

With a chilling opening , and Neil Broadfoot always provides his readers with those killer hook openings, then I soon found myself completely engrossed in the latest installment of this series.

Convicted killer, Colin Sanderson, has just been released from prison, having been acquitted on a technicality; with a media frenzy brewing and a PR team behind him, Connor Fraser is brought in to provide the security detail. Given the heinous crimes that Sanderson was convicted of, Connor is not best pleased to say the least, but as the request came from DCI Malcolm Ford, Connor feels he has been left with no choice.

Past meets present as DCI Ford was a junior officer at the time of the Sanderson killings, and his superior at the time, DCI Morgan had battled to have Sanderson found and convicted. Retired now, Morgan is furious at Sanderson’s release and urges Ford to do everything he can to get the man back behind bars…and when another girl is found brutally murdered following Sanderson’s release, it seems it won’t be too long before his wish comes true.

Donna Blake, reporter becomes embroiled in the case as she is contacted by Sanderson’s PR company with a view to ghostwriting his story, but will her decision cost her more than she has bargained for?

Talk about tension and intrigue, each page is positively laced with the stuff; mixed with intricate plotting, I was kept firmly on my toes throughout. Every time I thought I’d worked something out then the author would pull the rug from under my feet. Characters niggled away at my brain as I tried to work out who I could trust and who I should be terrified of, I’m not telling you who was who though, you will need to read and see for yourself. There was a real undercurrent of unpleasantness throughout the book, the idea of someone profiting or becoming a “celebrity” as a result of brutal murders felt distasteful but it is indicative of society today and Neil Broadfoot expertly explores this theme throughout.

While this is the 3rd in the series, it can be read as a standalone but I’d highly recommend you read the first two and allow yourself to get to know the characters, their relationships and dynamics. There are some particularly poignant and emotional scenes featuring Connor’s gran and there is something quite heart wrenching about these scenes, bringing the reader a greater sense of who Connor Fraser really is.

Filled to the brim with tension, The Point of No Return, is pacy, powerful and punchy. Don’t miss it!

As I was late to reading and reviewing this, I am delighted that the next in the series is out next month, so not long to wait for my next Connor Fraser fix!

Do yourselves a favour and go buy this now!

The Point of No Return can be purchased via


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About the author

Neil Broadfoot

Neil Broadfoot worked as a journalist for 15 years at both national and local newspapers, including The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday and the Evening News, covering some of the biggest stories of the day.

Falling Fast, which was shortlisted for the Dundee International Book Prize, is the first in the Edinburgh-set McGregor and Drummond series of thrillers.

His new Stirling-set series, which begins with No Man’s Land and features close protection expert Connor Fraser, has been hailed as “tense, fast moving and bloody” and “atmospheric, twisty and explosive” with a “complex cast of characters and a compelling hero”. No Man’s Land was longlisted for the 2019 McIlvanney Award.

As a husband and father of two girls, Neil finds himself regularly outnumbered in his own home. He is also one of the Four Blokes In Search of a Plot, a quartet of crime writers who live write a story based on suggestions from the audience. The Four Blokes have appeared in England, Spain and Scotland.

Keep up to date with news on Neil’s books by signing up to his mailing list at http://eepurl.com/gISGZr

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