Hi and  welcome to Chapter In My Life – my blog about all things books! My name is Sharon and I have an obsession – with books! I read daily and on average devour 2/3 books per week (more if time permits). In particular I love Crime/thrillers/police procedurals.

I am pretty new to blogging so please bear with me and be gentle! I started my blog for a couple of reasons, I wanted somewhere to store my reviews and thoughts on the books that I love, I want to offer support to all the fantastic authors out there – reviews REALLY do make a difference, so whether it’s a one word review or a page please show your support for the work that all the authors put in to producing a product that gives us so much pleasure! and of course I want to spread the word about all the books I love – I want to make people read more!

And in my spare time I make myself up as a corpse and wrap myself in Crime Scene tape – but I’m not strange honest 😉


I would love to use my blog to connect with like minded readers and authors and would be delighted to feature interviews with interested authors on my blog – feel free to get in touch if you are up for this!

I also welcome ARCs for review – kindle or hard copies

You can contact me on chapterinmylifesb@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting!

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